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The Institute of Certified Records Managers

Examination Schedule
Spring 2015: Parts I-VI, May 4-15, 2015 Registration Open: Feb 20, 2015 – Apr 30, 2015
Summer 2015: Parts I-VI, August 3-14, 2015 Registration Open: May 22-July 30, 2015
Fall 2015: Parts I-VI, Nov 2-13, 2015 Registration Open: Aug 21 – Oct 29, 2015
Winter 2016: Parts I-VI, Feb 1-12, 2016 Registration Open: Nov 20, 2015 – Jan 28, 2016
The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) is an international certifying organization of and for professional records and information managers. Want to know more about the ICRM? (more…)

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Learn everything you need to know to be successful in becoming a Certified Records Manager (CRM) including how to apply, qualifications to sit for the examinations and the requirements of certification. (more…)

Examination Preparation Resources

What kind of resources do you need to successfully prepare for the CRM examinations? The ICRM has a variety of opportunities to meet your exam preparation needs including professional workshops, a candidate mentorship program, and study materials. (more…)

Association Conferences

There are many opportunities in the Records and Information Management (RIM) profession to engage in the education you’ll need to achieve and maintain your designation as a Certified Records Manager (CRM).   (more…)

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Please Welcome Our Newest CRMs:

  • Kathy R. Clark, CRM, Plain City, OH
  • Robert N. Cleveland, CRM, Bakersfield, CA
  • Robert W. Duncan, CRM, Wheaton, IL
  • Theresa L. Evenson, CRM, Westminster, CO
  • Susan M. Gleason, CRM, Shelton, CT
  • Mark A. Grysiuk, CRM, Etobicoke, ON, Canada
  • Jessica G. Harman, CRM, Bartlesville, OK
  • James Havens, CRM, Normal, IL
  • Danielle L. Hontz, CRM, Chicago, IL
  • Joseph J. Lutz Jr, CRM, King of Prussia, PA
  • Murali K. Shanmugasundaram, CRM, Houston, TX
  • Paul N. Simonoff, CRM, Washington, DC
  • Courtney M. Stone, CRM, League City, TX
  • John M. Wiesinger, CRM, Whitefish Bay, WI
  • Ryan M. Zilm, CRM, The Woodlands, TX