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Bibliography of Resources


Applicants will notice this list of resources does not include websites. Although it has information that may be helpful in preparing for the ICRM exams; the content of websites can change without notice, and therefore are not used for the development of examination questions. Download the .pdf version here.

General Works – Books

ARMA International, Establishing Alphabetic, Numeric, and Subject Filing Systems (ARMA International,Lenexa,Kansas, 2007.  ISBN: 1-931786-24-0).  (Also available as a PDF download; ISBN 1-931786-25-9.) (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

ARMAInternationalStandardsRecordsCenterOperations Task Force.  Records Center Operations — A Guideline. 2nd Ed. (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS. 2002.  ISBN:  1-931786-04-6). (Available   as a PDF download from ARMA International bookstore.)

ARMA International Standards Development Committee and Task Force.  Glossary of Records and Information Management Terms, 3rd Ed. (PDF)  (ISBN-13: 978-1-931786-38-6; ISBN-10: 1-931786-38-0.)  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Benedon, William.  Records and Information Management — An Overview (CD Presentation).  (Benedon and Associates.  2003.  ISBN:  None).   (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Bennick, Ann.  Active Filing for Business Records.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  2000.  ISBN:  0-933-887-85-X).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Downing, Douglas A., Michael A. Covington, Melody Mauldin, Catherine Covington, and Anne Covington.  Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms, 8th ed. (Barron’s,Hauppage,NY.  2003.  ISBN:  0-71641-2166-9).

Flynn, Nancy, and Randolph Kahn, Esq. E-Mail Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policies, Security, and Legal Issues for E-Mail and Digital Communication, 1st ed. (Amacom,NY.  2003.  ISBN:  0-8144-7188-9).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

International Standards Organization.  International Standard 15489-1: Information and Documentation – Records Management – Part 1: General.  (International Standards Organization, Geneva Switzerland.  2001.  ISBN: None)

Kallaus, Norman F., Judith Read-Smith and Mary Lea Ginn.  Records Management (7th Ed.) (South-Western Educational Publishing Company,Cincinnati,OH.  2002) (ISBN: 0-538-72466-8)  Instructor manual available.  Includes software.  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Langemo, Mark.  Winning Strategies for Successful Records Management Programs,  (Information Requirements Clearinghouse,Denver.  2003.  ISBN:  0-929316-50-9).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Margolis, Philip E.  Random House Webster’s Computer and Internet Dictionary, 3rd ed. (Random House,New YorkNY.  2000.  ISBN:  0-375-70351-9).

Nakano, Russell.  Web Content Management: A collaborative Approach.  (Addison-Wesley, Boston, MA.  2002.  ISBN:0201657821). ( Available from ARMA International bookstore).

Pearce-Moses, Richard.  A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology.  (Society of American Archivists, Chicago, IL, 2005.  ISBN: None)  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.) (Also available on-line at

Saffady, William.  Cost Analysis Concepts and Methods for Records Management Projects.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1998.  ISBN 0-933887-76-0).  (Available from ARMA International boodstore.)

Saffady, William.  Managing Electronic Records, 4th ed.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS. 2009.  ISBN:  1-978-1-555706-86-9). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Saffady, William.  Records and Information Management: Fundamentals of Professional Practice.  2nd Ed. (ARMA International, Lenexa, KS 2011.  ISBN 1-931786-17-8).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore).

Saffady, William.  Micrographics: Technology for the Twenty-first Century.  (ARMA International, Lenexa KS.  2000.  ISBN:0-933887-93-0).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore).

The Sedona Conference.  Sedona Principles: Best Practices, Recommendations & Principles for Addressing Electronic Document Production (2005 Annotated Version) (ISBN: 0-937275-17-4.) (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

The Sedona Conference.  The Sedona Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines & Commentary for Managing Information & Records in the Electronic Age.  (The Sedona Conference.  2005.  ISBN: None).

Stephens, David O.  Records Management: Making the Transition from Paper to Electronic.  (ARMA International,Lenexa,KS.  2007. ISBN: 1-931786-29-1.)

Stephens, David O. and Roderick C. Wallace.  Electronic Records Retention:  New Strategies for Life Cycle Management.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  2003.  ISBN: 1-931786-08-9).

Stewart, Jeffrey R. and Nancy M. Melesco, Professional Records and Information Management, 2nd ed. (New York: Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2002.  ISBN:  0-07-822779-8). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

General Works – Periodicals

American Archivist
The Society of American Archivists (SAA)
527 S. Wells St., 5th Floor
Chicago, IL  60607

Disaster Recovery Journal
Richard Arnold, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
11131 E. South Towne Sq.
St. Louis, MO  63123

InfoPro OnLine
ARMA International

Graphic Arts Monthly
Reed Business Information
2000 Clearwater Drive
Oak Brook,IL 60523
Phone: 630-288-8000

General Works – Other Sources

Records and Information Managers are knowledgeable in the use of information technology to find resources for examination preparation.

Many organizations, including university libraries, offer access to such online bibliographic services as DIALOG™ or Infomart ™.  Candidates may search on periodical indexes and other journals on records and information management.  For example, The Information Management Journal is indexed on ABI/Inform.

The publication catalogs of various professional and trade association are good sources for learning about publications in Information and Records Management.  The following list may be helpful:

  • ARMA International bookstore (ARMA) at
  • AIIM – The Enterprise Content Management Association at
  • The Society of American Archivists (SAA) at
  • The proceedings of the ARMA International Annual Conferences.  These often contain useful information.

Part 1 – Management Principles and the Records and Information Management (RIM) Program – Books

In addition to relevant sources from General Works – Books, the following resources are suggested:

Bateman, Thomas S. and Scott A. Snell.  Management—Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World. 7th Ed. (McGraw-Hill,New York, NY. 2007.  ISBN-13: 978-0-07-292330-8.)

Dearstyne, Bruce.  Managing Records and Information Programs.  (ARMA International, Lenexa KS.  2009.  ISBN: 978-1-931786-56-0).

Englund, Randall L., Robert J. Graham and Paul c. Dinsmore.  Creating the Project Office, A Managers Guide to Leading Organizational change.  (Jossey-Bass 2003.  ISBN 0-1879-6398-4)

Fosegan, Joseph S. and Mary Lea Ginn. Business Records Control (CYRT Update): Textbook, 8thed.  (South-Western Educational Publishing Co.,CincinnatiOH.  2000.  ISBN:  0-538-69340-1).

Griffin, Ricky W.  Management, 7th ed.  (Houghton Mifflin Company,BostonMA.  2001.  ISBN:  0-618234-45-4).

Hanke, John E., Arthur G. Reitsch, and Dean W. Wichern.  Business Forecasting, 8th ed.  (Prentice Hall,Englewood Cliffs NJ.  2001.  ISBN-13:  987-013-107385-2).

Hellriegel, Don, Susan E. Jackson, and John W. Slocum, Jr.  Management, A Competency-Based Approach.  9th ed.  (South-Western Publishing Company,CincinnatiOH.   Publishing.  2002.  ISBN:  0-324-05562-5).

Hellriegel, Don, John Slocum, and Richard Woodman.  Organizational Behavior.  9th Edition.  (South-Western Publishing Co.,Cincinnati,OH. 2001.  ISBN:  0-324-00981-X)

Ivancevich, John M.  Human Resource Management, 10th ed.  (McGraw-Hill Higher Education,New YorkNY.  2007.  ISBN-13:   978-007-313-7117).

Jones, Gareth R. and Jennifer M. George.  Essentials of Contemporary Management, 2nd Edition.  (McGraw-Hill, Irwin Publishing Company. New York,NY.  2007.  ISBN-10: 0-07-322357-3)

Kerzner, Harold.  Project Management – Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2010.  ISBN:978-0-470-52829-7).

Lewis, James P.  Fundamentals of Project Management.  (American Management Association. 1995.  ISBN:0-8144-7835-2).

Mathis, Robert L. and John H. Jackson.  Human Resource Management. 11th ed.  (Thomson/Southwest Publishing Company. Mason,OH.  2006.  ISBN:  0-324-2895-88).

Odgers, Pattie and B. Lewis Keeling.  Administrative Office Management: Textbook, 13th ed. (South-Western  Educational Publishing Co.,CincinnatiOH.  2005.  ISBN-13:   978-0324-238181).

Page, Stephen Butler.   Achieving 100% Compliance of Policies; Procedures.  (Bookmasters, Inc.,MansfieldOH.  2000.  ISBN:  1-929065-49-3).

Peters, Glen.  Benchmarking Customer Service.  (FT Pitman Publishing,LondonUK.  1995.  ISBN:  0-273-61069-4).

Quible, Zane K.  Administrative Office Management:  An Introduction, 8th ed.  (Prentice Hall,Englewood Cliffs NJ.  2005.  ISBN-13:   978-013-12-45105).

Robbins, Stephen P. and David A. DeCenzo.  Fundamentals of  Management: , 6th ed.  (Prentice Hall,Englewood Cliffs NJ.  2008.  ISBN-13:  078-0136-007104).

Russell, Roberta S. and Bernard W. Taylor.  Operations Management-Focusing on Quality and Competitiveness, 2nd Ed.  (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.  1998.  ISBN:0-138-499-365).

Skupsky, Donald S.,  Legal Requirements for Information Technology Systems.  (Information Requirements Clearinghouse, Englewood CO.  1997.  ISBN:  0-929316-04-5).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore).

Smith, Howard and Peter Finger.  Business Process Management, The Third Wave.  (Meghan-Keiffer Press.  2003.  ISBN:0-929652-33-99).

Part 2 – Records and Information:Creation and Use

In addition to relevant sources from General Works – Books, the following sources are suggested:

ARMA International.  Procedures and Issues for Managing Electronic Messages as Records.  (ARMA International, Lenexa KS  2007.  ISBN:978-1+-931786-45-4).

ARMA International.  Evaluating and Migrating Records and Information Risks.  (ARMA International, Lenexa KS  2009. ISBN:978-1-931786-85-0).

ARMA International. Working Collaboratively in an Electronic World. (PDF) (ARMA International, Lenexa KS, 2007.  ISBN:978-1-931786-4307).

Barnett, Robert. Forms For People: Designing Forms That People Can Use, (Robert Barnett and Associates Pty. Ltd., Belconnen Australia 2005. ISBN:0-95863842X).

Flynn, Nancy.  Instant Messaging Rules.  (AMACOM, a division of American Management Association,New York, 2004.  ISBN: 0-8144-7253-2) (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Kahn, Randolph A. and Barclay T. Blair.  Information Nation:  Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance.  2nd Ed. (Wiley Publishing, Inc. Indianapolis IN.  ISBN:978-0-470-45311-7).

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  Managing Audiovisual Records: An Instructional Guide, Web ed.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,WashingtonDC.  1999.  ISBN:  None).

NARA.  Managing Audiovisual Records:  An Instructional Guide, 2nd ed.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,WashingtonDC.  1996.  ISBN:  None).

NARA.  Managing Micrographic Records.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,WashingtonDC.  July 1995.  ISBN:  None).

Part 3 – Records Systems, Storage and Retrieval – Books

In addition to the relevant sources from General Works – Books, the following are suggested:

ARMA International.  Guideline for Evaluating Offsite Records Storage Facilities. (ARMA International, Lenexa KS.  2007.  ISBN:978-1-931786-42-3.  PDF Download: ISBN:978-1-931786-31-7) (Available from ARMA International bookstore).

ARMA International.  Records Center Operations.  3rd Ed.  (ARMA International, Lenexa, KS, 2011.  ISBN:978-1-936654-11-6.  PDF Download ISBN:978-1-396654-12-3).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore).

Brumm, Eugenia K.  Managing Records for ISO 9000 Compliance.  (ASQ Quality Press,MilwaukeeWI.  1995.  ISBN:  0-87389-312-3).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Cisco, Susan L. and Tom Dale.  Indexing Business Records: The Value Proposition. (AIIM International, Silver Spring MD.  1998.  ISBN:  0-89258-374-6).

Jenkins, Tom.  Enterprise Content Management.  (Open Text Corporation,Waterloo,Ontario,Canada.  2004.  ISBN: 0-9730662-5-3).

National Information Standards Organization Staff and William K. Wilson.  Environmental Guidelines for the Storage of Paper Records.  (NISO Press, Ann Arbor MI. 1996.  ISBN:  1-880124-21-1). (Available free in PDF format:

Palmer, Roger C.  The Bar Code Book, 4th ed. (Helmers Publishing,PeterboroughNH.  2001.  ISBN:  0-911261-13-3).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Shepherd, Elizabeth, & Geoffrey Yeo.  Managing Records: A Handbook of Principles and Practice.  (Facet Publishing,London.  2002.  ISBN: 1856043703).

Yakel, Elizabeth.  Starting an Archives.  (Society of American Archivists and Scarecrow Press. Lanham,Maryland.  1994.  ISBN 0-8108-2864-2).

Part 4 – Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection, and Disposition – Books

In addition to the relevant sources from General Works – Books, the following are suggested:

Anson-Cartwright, Ronald F., Robert T. Hollingshead and J. Timothy Kennish.  Records Retention: Law and Practice.  (Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing, Ontario, Canada.  1990- .  1 vol. loose-leaf: 2 supplements/yr. – Latest 2000.  ISBN:  0-88820-332-2).  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

ARMA International.  Vital Records Programs: Identifying, Managing and Recovering Business-Critical Records.  (ARMA International,LenexaKS.  2003.  ISBN: 1-931786-11-9). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

ARMA International Standards Task Force. Retention Management for Records and Information.  (ANSI/ARMA 8-2005.  ISBN: 1-931786-2-26-7 [Printed version]; 1-931786-27-1 [PDF version].) (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Daniels, Maygene F. and Timothy Walch, eds.  A Modern Archives Reader: Basic Readings on Archival Theory and Practice.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Service,WashingtonDC.  1984.  ISBN:  0-911333-11-8 – [hardcover]; ISBN:  0-911333-12-6 – [softcover]).

Dearstyne, Bruce W.  Effective Approaches for Managing Electronic Records and Archives.  (Scarecrow Press, Inc.  Lanham MD.  2002.  ISBN: 0-8108-4200-9). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Farr, Gail E. and Ann Pederson.  Archives and Manuscripts: Public Programs.  (The Society of American Archivists. ChicagoIL.  1982.  ISBN:  0-931828-31-7).

Ham, F. Gerald.  Selecting and Appraising Archives and Manuscripts.  ( The Society of American Archivists,ChicagoIL.  1992.  ISBN:  0-931828-84-8).

Forde, Helen.  Preserving Archives.  (Facet Publishing,LondonUK.  2007.  ISBN: 13: 987-1-85604-577-3)

Hunter, Gregory S. Developing And Maintaining Practical Archives, A How-To-Do-It Manual. 2nd ed. (Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc,New YorkNY. 2003.  ISBN: 1-55570-467-0).

Jones, Virginia A. and Kris E. Keyes.  Emergency Management for Records and Information Programs.  2nd ed.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  2001.  ISBN:  0-933887-98-1). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Jones, Virginia A., and Darlene Barber, Emergency Management for Records and  Information Management Programs. 2nd Ed.  (ARMA International, Lenexa, KS, 2011.  ISBN:978-1-936654-01-7) (Available for ARMA International bookstore).

Kahn, Randolph, and Barclay T. Blair.  Information Nation Warrior, Information Management Compliance Boot Camp.  (AIIM Publications, Silver Spring, MD.  ISBN:0-89258-408-4),  www,

Mitchell, Thornton W., ed.  Norton on Archives: The Writings of Margaret Cross Norton on Archival and Records Management.  (The Society of American Archivists, SAA Archival Classics Series,ChicagoIL.  1975.  Reprint 2003.  ISBN:  0-031828-17-1).

Myers, Kenneth N. Manager’s Guide to Contingency Planning for Disasters.  (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,New York,NY.  1999.  ISBN:  0-471-35838-X). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

NFPA 232: Standard for the Protection of Records.  (The National Fire Protection Association,QuincyMA.  2000.  ISBN:  None).

Roe, Kathleen D.  Arranging and Describing Archives and Manuscripts.  (Society of American Archivists,ChicagoIL.  2005.  ISBN:  0-931666-13-X). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Wellheiser, Johanna and Jude Scott.  An Ounce of Prevention:  Integrated Disaster Planning for Archives, Libraries, and Records Centers, 2nd ed.  (Scarecrow Press Inc. Lanham MD.  2002.  ISBN: 0-810841-76-2). (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

Part 5 –Technology – Books

In addition to relevant sources from General Works – Books, the following sources are recommended:

AIIM.  Analysis, Selection, and Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).  AIIM ARP1-2007. (AIIM.  2007.)

AIIM and ARMA International.  Revised Framework for Integration of Electronic Document Management Systems and Electronic Records Management Systems.  (AIIM International.  ANSI/AIIM/ARMA TR48-2004.  ISBN: 0-89258-405-X)  (Available from ARMA International bookstore.)

AIIM.  The Enterprise Content Management Association Business Process Management.  (AIIM Toolkit.  AIIM Publications, Silver Spring, MD, 2009)

Applied Document Imaging Technology CDIA+ Certification Manual.  (@doc Publishing, Danville CA.  2003.  ISBN:  None)  Available at

Bantin, Phillip C.  Understanding Data Information Systems for Recording.  (Neil Schuman Publishers, New York, NY.  2008.  ISBN:978-55570-370-0).

Bengt, Karlof and Svante Ostblom.  Benchmarking: A Signpost to Excellence in Quality and Productivity.  (John Wiley & Sons,New York,NY.  1999.  ISBN:  978-0-471-95891-8).

Boiko, Bob.  Content Management Bible, 2nd ed.  (Wiley Publishing. Indianapolis,IN.  2005.  ISBN:  0-7645-7371-3)

Dollar, Charles M.  Authentic Electronic Records: Strategies for Long-Term Access.  (Cohassett Associates, Inc.,ChicagoIL. 1999. ISBN:  None.)

Ferdinandi, Patricia L.  Data Warehousing Advice for Managers.  (American Management Association,New York,NY.  1999. ISBN: 0-8144-0409-X)

Glazer, David, Tom Jenkins, and Hartmut Schaper.  Enterprise Content Management Technology – What You Need to Know.   (Open Text Corporation. Ontario,Canada.  2004.  ISBN:  0-9730662-5-3)

Haag, Stephen, Maeve Cummings, and Donald McCubbrey. Management Information Systems for the Information Age, 5th ed. (McGraw-Hill,New York, NY.  2005.  ISBN:  0-07-293586-3).

Hunter, Gregory S.  Preserving Digital Information.  A How–To-Do-It Manual. (Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.,New York,NY. 2000.  ISBN 1-55570-353-4)

International Standards Organization.  International Standard TR 26122-: Information and Documentation – Work Process Analysis for Records. (International Standards Organization,Geneva,Switzerland.  2008.  ISBN: None)

Laudon, Kenneth and Jane Laudon.  Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm, 8th ed.  (Pearson Education Inc. Upper Saddle River,NJ.  2004.  ISBN:  0-13-101498-6)

Lundquist, Eric G.  Salvage of Water Damaged Books, Documents, Micrographic and Magnetic Media.  (Document Reprocessors,San FranciscoCA.  1986.  ISBN:  0-9616850-0-X).

Mims, Julian L., Ed.  Electronic Records Management.  (International City/County Management Association. WashingtonDC.  2006.  ISBN:  0-87326-147-X)

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  Federal Enterprise Architecture Records Management Profile.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,Washington,DC. 2005.  ISBN: None.)

NARA. Image Transfer Guidance.  (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC. undated.  ISBN: None.)

Newton, Harry.  Newton’s Telecom Dictionary,  19th ed.  (CMP Books,San Francisco,CA.  2003.  ISBN:  1578200539).

Rob, Peter and Carlos Coronel.  Database System: Design, Implementation and Management.  (Course Technology – a division of Thomas Learning, Inc.  2002).  Catalog # B4820.

Sampson, Karen L.  Value-Added Records Management: Protecting Corporate Assets and Reducing Business Risks.  (Quorum Books.  Greenwood Publishing Group,Portsmouth,NH.  2002.  ISBN: 978-1-56720-547-3).

Senn, James.  Information Technology – principles, Practices, Opportunities, 3rd ed.  (Pearson Education Inc. Upper Saddle River,NJ.  2004.  ISBN:

Sutton, Michael J. D.  Document Management for the Enterprise, Principles, Techniques, and Applications.  (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1996.  ISBN 0-471-14719-2).  (Available from the ARMA International bookstore.)

Taylor, Arlene.  The Organization of Information.  2nd ed.  (Libraries Unlimited,Westport CT.  2004.  ISBN:  1-56308-969-6.

Tough, Alistair and Michael Moss, Ed.  Record Keeping in a Hybrid Environment. (Chandos Publishing. OxfordUK.  2006. ISBN: 978-1-84334-142-0)

White, Ron.  How Computers Work., 8th ed.  (Que Publishing. Indianapolis, IN.  2006.  ISBN: 0-7897-3424-9)

Part 6 – Case Studies

Blake, Gary and Robert W. Bly.  The Elements of Business Writing.  Reprint ed.  (Collier Books, Macmillan Publishing Co.,New YorkNY or Maxwell MacmillanCanada, Don Mills Ontario.  1992.  ISBN:  0-02-008095-6).

Brusaw, Charles T., Gerald J. Alred, and Walter E. Oliu.  Handbook of Technical Writing.  (St Martin’s Press,New YorkNY.  1997.  ISBN:  0-312-16690-7).

Kaye, Sanford.  Writing Under Pressure: The Quick Writing Process.  (OxfordUniversity Press,New York,NY.  1988.  ISBN:  0-19-505223-4).  (Reprint ed. 1990.   ISBN: 0-19-506661-8).

Stuckey, Marty.  The Basics of Business Writing.  (AMACOM Books, American Management Association.  1992.  ISBN:  0-8144-7792-5).

Classics – Books (Out-of-Print)

These books are classics in the Records and Information Management field.  They explain and illustrate the basic principles of Records and Information Management.  Those principles remain the same in whatever line of business they are used and for whatever technology applications they may be used.

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force.  Alphabetic Filing Rules (Second Edition). (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1995.  ISBN:  0-933887-58-2).

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force.  Filing Procedures – A Guideline.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1989.  ISBN:  0-933887-33-7).

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force.  Numeric Filing – A Guideline. (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1989.  ISBN:  0-933887-32-9).

ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force.  Subject Filing – A Guideline. (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1988.  ISBN:  0-933887-29-9).

ARMA International Standards Subcommittee Automation Task Force.  Converting from a Manual System to An Automated System: A Guideline. (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1992.  ISBN:  0-933887-44-2).

Aschner, Katherine.  Managing Your Office Records and Files.  (International Self-Counsel Press Ltd.,VancouverBritish Columbia.  1994.  ISBN:  0-88908-588-9).

Avedon, Don.  Introduction to Electronic Imaging, 3rd ed.  (AIIM International, Silver Spring MD.  1996.  ISBN:  0-89258-279-0).

Bellardo, Lewis and Lynn L. Bellardo.  A Glossary for Archivists, Manuscript Curators, and Records Managers.  (The Society of American Archivists. ChicagoIL.  1992.  ISBN:  0-931828-81-3).

Benedon, William.  Records Management. (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs NJ. 1969).

Benedon, William.  Records Management System. (William Benedon and Keiso Shobo, translation of Records Management by William Benedon  (translation into Japanese by Munchisa Sakuyama, published inJapan, 1988).

Bennick, Ann.  Filing and Records Management Fundamentals for the Small Business.  (ARMA International,Prairie VillageKS.  1987.  ISBN:  0-933887-44-2).

Blyth, W. John and Mary M. Blyth.  Telecommunications:  Concepts, Development, and Management, 2nd ed.  (Glencoe/McGraw Hill,Hightstown,NJ.  1990.  ISBN:  0-02-680841-2).

Couture, Carol and Jean-Yves Rousseau.  The Life of a Document – A Global Approach to Archives and Records Management.  (Vehicule Press, P.O. Box 125 Place du Parc Station, Montreal Canada H2W 2M9.  1987.  An updated and translated version of Les Archives au XXe siecle,University ofMontreal.  1982).

Cunha, George Martin and Dorothy Grant Cunha.  Conservation of Library Materials, 2nd Ed., 2 vols.  (The Scarecrow Press, Inc.,MetuchenNJ.  1971.  ISBN:  0-81080427-1).

Diamond, Susan Z.  Records Management: A Practical Approach, 3rd Edition   (AMACOM Books, American Management Association,New YorkNY.  1995.  ISBN 0-8144-0295-X).

Duckett, Kenneth W.  Modern Manuscripts:  A Practical Manual for Their Management, Care and Use.  (American Association for State and Local History,NashvilleTN.  1975.  ISBN:  0-910050-16-3).

Emergency Preparedness Canada.  Guide to the Preservation of Essential Records.  (EPC,Ottawa.  1987).

Eulenberg, Julia Niebuhr.  Handbook for the Recovery of Water Damaged Business Records.  (1986.  ISBN:  0-933887-17-5).

Financial Executives Institute.  Records Retention and Destruction in Canada:  A Guidebook.  (Financial Executives InstituteCanada,Suite 1701,141 Adelaide Street West,TorontoOntario,M5H 3L5.  1988).

General Services Administration (GSA).  Forms Management (Information Resources Management Handbook). (U.S. General Services Administration,WashingtonDC.  May 1985.  ISBN:  None).  [For sale by the Supt. Of Docs., U.S.G.P.O.]

GSA.  Correspondence Management (Information Resources Management Handbook). (U.S. General Services Administration,WashingtonDC.  May 1989.  ISBN:  None).

GSA.  Applying Technology to Records Systems:  A Media Guideline.  (DIANE Publishing, Collingdale PA.  1994.  ISBN:  0-7881-0585-X).

Gill, Suzanne L.  File Management and Information Retrieval SystemsA Manual for Managers and Technicians, 3rd ed.  (Libraries Unlimited,LittletonCO.  1993.  ISBN:  0-87287-229-7).

Gracy, David B., II.  Archives and Manuscripts:  Arrangement and Description.  (The Society of American Archivists,ChicagoIL.  1977.  ISBN:  0-931828-07-4).

Kish, Joseph L., Jr.  Records Retention Step-By-Step.  (System Press,BronxNY.  1972).

Linton, J. Eddis.  Organising the Office Memory:  The Theory and Practice of Records Management.  (Centre for Information Studies Publications, University of Technology,Sydney,Australia.  1990.  ISBN:  0-949119-06-5).

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