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For more than 40 years, the ICRM has continued to be a leader in the Records and Information Management (RIM) certification.  The Institute recognizes the importance of partnering with organizations whose core mission is to advance the field through education, advocacy and professional development opportunities.  Partners may also include academic institutions and organizations that have related or complimentary certification programs.

A strategic alliance is a collaborative relationship that leads to success for both the ICRM and another organization and aligns tightly with both institutions strategic direction.

To discuss potential partnerships with the ICRM, contact Rae Lynn Haliday, CRM, Chairman, Strategic Alliance Committee, at or by phone at (314) 646-4572.

ICRM Strategic Goals

  • Grow Membership
  • Diversify Revenue
  • Increase Relevance
  • Modernize Governance & Business Processes
We recognize the following Partners where we have a long-standing history or are in the process of developing new initiatives that contribute to one of more of the ICRM strategic goals:


The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and San José State University (SJSU) School of Information (iSchool) announce a strategic partnership to allow graduates of the Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) degree program, who have completed their course work and met established qualifications for ICRM candidacy, to apply for credit for Parts 1-5 of the ICRM exams.
    See more at: Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) degree

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) announce an expanded strategic partnership that will modernize process for awarding the designation of the Nuclear Information Specialist (CRM/NS) specialty designation. See more at:

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and the Association of Image and Information Management (AIIM) announce a strategic partnership that will provide credit for ICRM Exam Part 5 for those RIM professionals that have successfully completed the AIIM ERM-Master training course. See more at:

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

The Digital Government Institute (DGI) hosts its 930gov Conference, Tradeshow & Training Symposium Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 7:300 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. This is a free event for government, contractors & academia. The ICRM will be an exhibitor, Booth #403. Click here for full details and to register.

The Information Governance Conference (InfoGov17) ICRM Exam Prep Workshop (pre-con) for CRA – Tuesday, September 26, 2017. Information Governance Conference – September 27-28, 2017, Providence, Rhode Island. Click here for full details and to register.

Zoological Registrars Association (ZRA) ICRM Exam Prep Workshop (Pre-Con) – Monday, September 25, 2017, ZRA Annual Conference – September 25 – October 1, 2017, Columbus, Ohio. Go to (create a login account, select Conference to Register for Daily or Full Registration or Workshop Only). More information can be found at