ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Joseph Chrostowski, CRM CRM - Active Rockville Rhode Island U.S.A.
Elizabeth Christie, CRM CRM - Active Boyds Maryland U.S.A.
Keith Christianson, CRM CRM - Active Howell Michigan U.S.A.
Katherine Chornoboy, CRM CRM - Active Pickering Ontario Canada
Beth Chiaiese, CRM CRM - Active Chicago Illinois U.S.A.
Jacki Cheslow, CRM CRM - Active Colonia New Jersey U.S.A.
Tod Chernikoff, CRM CRM - Active Silver Spring Maryland U.S.A.
Natalia Chebel, CRA CRA - Active Kitchener Ontario Canada
Josephine Chavez, CRM CRM - Retired Ormond Beach Florida U.S.A.
Jennifer Chapman, CRM CRM - Active Virginia City Nevada U.S.A.
Roslyn Chambers, CRM CRM - Active Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Michael Chamberlin, CRM CRM - Active Crystal Lake Illinois U.S.A.
Jeffery Chalut, CRA CRA - Active Orange Park Florida U.S.A.
Jennifer Chadband, CRA CRA - Active Boise Idaho U.S.A.
Dan Cesario, CRM CRM - Active Calgary Alberta Canada
Melinda Breidenbach Catapano, CRM CRM - Active Marana Arizona U.S.A.
Maria Catalan, CRM CRM - Active Chino Hills California U.S.A.
Elizabeth Castro, CRM CRM - Active W Babylon New York U.S.A.
Anita Castora, CRM CRM - Active Apopka Florida U.S.A.
Heather Cassis, CRM CRM - Active Utopia Ontario Canada
Peter Casey, CRM CRM - Active Wilmington Delaware U.S.A.
Vickie J. Carter, CRM CRM - Active Kingsport Tennessee U.S.A.
John Carroll, CRM CRM - Active Ontario California U.S.A.
Elizabeth Acuña Carrera, CRM CRM - Active Goodyear Arizona U.S.A.
Chris Carper, CRM CRM - Active Grand Forks North Dakota U.S.A.
Stacie Carpenter, CRA CRA - Active Miami Florida U.S.A.
Margaret Carpenter, CRM CRM - Retired Clarksville Tennessee U.S.A.
Laurie Carpenter, CRM CRM - Active Burbank California U.S.A.
Judith Carpenter, CRM CRM - Retired Grapeland Texas U.S.A.
Susan Carlson, CRM CRM - Active Grand Forks North Dakota U.S.A.
Diane K. Carlisle, CRM CRM - Active Overland Park Kansas U.S.A.
Melissa Carlis, CRM CRM - Active Aston Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Jose Heriberto Cardoza, CRA CRA - Active Los Angeles California U.S.A.
Adele Carboni, CRM CRM - Active Huntsville Texas U.S.A.
Stacie Capshaw, CRM CRM - Active Townsend Tennessee U.S.A.
Donna Cantrell, CRA CRA - Active Currituck North Carolina U.S.A.
Elizabeth Canter, CRM CRM - Active Gaithersburg Maryland U.S.A.
Liam Cannon, CRM CRM - Active Boca Raton Florida U.S.A.
Sheila Campbell, CRA CRA - Active Circleville Ohio U.S.A.
Peter Cameon, CRM CRM - Active Morgantown West Virginia U.S.A.
Kathleen Calvo, CRM CRM - Active Bethesda Maryland U.S.A.
Christine B. Calton, CRA CRA - Active Lehi Utah U.S.A.
Jeanne Callen, CRM CRM - Active Oshkosh Wisconsin U.S.A.
Bridgett Calia, CRM CRM - Retired Dunwoody Georgia U.S.A.
Jeanne Caldwell, CRM CRM - Active Denver Colorado U.S.A.
Louis Buzby, CRM CRM - Active Houston Texas U.S.A.
Julie Butterfield, CRM CRM - Active San Jose California U.S.A.
Paul Bussiere, CRM CRM - Active Norwood Massachusetts U.S.A.
Linda Buss, CRM CRM - Active Westminster Colorado U.S.A.
Patricia Burns, CRM CRM - Active Charters Settlement New Brunswick Canada
Angela Burns, CRM CRM - Active Calgary Alberta Canada
Sharon Burnett, CRM CRM - Active University Place Washington U.S.A.
Terra M Burgess, CRM CRM - Active Kansas City Missouri U.S.A.
Jessica Tyree Burgess, CRA CRA - Active Charlottesville Virginia U.S.A.
Susan Burd, CRM CRM - Active Alto Michigan U.S.A.
Joshua Bullough, CRM CRM - Active Salt Lake City Utah U.S.A.
Linda Bull, CRM CRM - Active Poughkeepsie New York U.S.A.
Rosina Bryantowich, CRM CRM - Retired Embrun Ontario Canada
Eric Bryan, CRM CRM - Active Cypress California U.S.A.
Frederick Brunello, CRM CRM - Active Parsippany New Jersey U.S.A.
Eugenia Brumm, CRM CRM - Active North Billerica Massachusetts U.S.A.
Kimberley Brumbaugh, CRM CRM - Active Raleigh North Carolina U.S.A.
Phyllis Bruce, CRM CRM - Retired Forest Virginia U.S.A.
Susan Brown, CRM CRM - Active Brookeville Maryland U.S.A.
Matthew Brown, CRM CRM - Active Salem Oregon U.S.A.
Martin L. Brown, CRM CRM - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Kathy Brown, CRA CRA - Active Tacoma Washington U.S.A.
Mrs. Jacqueline Y. Brown, CRA CRA - Active Charlotte North Carolina U.S.A.
Harold Brown, CRM CRM - Retired Edmonton Alberta Canada
Azure G. Brown, CRA CRA - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Kathleen R. M. Brow, CRA CRA - Active Abbotsford British Columbia Canada
Deanna Brouillette, CRM CRM - Active Oklahoma City Oklahoma U.S.A.
Tara Brooks, CRM CRM - Active Grapevine Texas U.S.A.
Jociel Brooks, CRA CRA - Active Dallas Texas U.S.A.
Charmaine Brooks, CRM CRM - Active Boise Idaho U.S.A.
Carrie A. Brooks, CRA CRA - Active Sparks Nevada U.S.A.
John Brokaw, CRM CRM - Active Mt. Vernon New York U.S.A.
Cori Brock, CRM CRM - Active Omaha Nebraska U.S.A.
Carol Brock, CRM CRM - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Sandra Broady-Rudd, CRM CRM - Active Pardeeville Wisconsin U.S.A.
Bonnie Brinson, CRM CRM - Active Bradenton Florida U.S.A.
Janine Briley, CRM CRM - Active Longview Texas U.S.A.
Laurence Brewer, CRM CRM - Active Elkridge Maryland U.S.A.
Alexandra Bradley, CRM CRM - Active West Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Marilyn Debri Boyd, CRA CRA - Active Grand Rapids Michigan U.S.A.
Donna Bowles, CRM CRM - Active Mesa Arizona U.S.A.
Scott Bowker, CRM CRM - Active Cambridge Massachusetts U.S.A.
John Bowen, CRM CRM - Active Beachwood Ohio U.S.A.
Brynmor Bowen, CRM CRM - Active Brooklyn New York U.S.A.
Leanne M Bostwick, CRM CRM - Active Chattanooga Tennessee U.S.A.
Les Bossert, CRM CRM - Active Bismarck North Dakota U.S.A.
Robert Chayce Boots, CRM CRM - Active Springfield Illinois U.S.A.
Lilian Boote, CRM CRM - Active Innisfil Ontario Canada
John Bolton, CRM CRM - Retired Victoria British Columbia Canada
Laura Boldt, CRM CRM - Active Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
Catherine Boettcher, CRM CRM - Active Hutchinson Minnesota U.S.A.
Margaret J. Boeringer, CRM CRM - Active Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
Mary Bodenhamer, CRA CRA - Active Cleveland Tennessee U.S.A.
Robert Blem, CRM CRM - Active Cranberry Township Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Shawna Bleecker, CRM CRM - Active Denver Colorado U.S.A.