ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Julian Mims, CRM CRM - Retired Gilbert South Carolina U.S.A.
Albert Minnick, CRA CRA - Active Silver Spring Maryland U.S.A.
Carolyn Minton, CRM CRM - Retired Calgary Alberta Canada
David Mitchell, CRM CRM - Active Durham North Carolina U.S.A.
Matthew Mitchell, CRM CRM - Active Long Island City New York U.S.A.
Osama Mokhtar, CRM CRM - Active Doha Qatar Qatar
Chandrasekhar Molleti, CRM CRM - Active Beaumont California U.S.A.
Matthew Monckton, CRM CRM - Active Alpharetta Georgia U.S.A.
Jeffrey S. Mondon, CRM CRM - Active San Francisco California U.S.A.
Ebbie Moody, CRM CRM - Retired Castle Rock Colorado U.S.A.
Bettie Moore, CRM CRM - Retired Belen New Mexico U.S.A.
William Morey, CRM CRM - Active Arvada Colorado U.S.A.
Sharon A Morris, CRM CRM - Active New York New York U.S.A.
Eric M. Mosca, CRM CRM - Active Thorofare New Jersey U.S.A.
Rafael Moscatel, CRM CRM - Active Los Angeles California U.S.A.
Markus Most, CRM CRM - Active Berwyn Heights Maryland U.S.A.
Joyce Moultry, CRM CRM - Active Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
Charles Moyer, CRM CRM - Retired Reva Virginia U.S.A.
Linda Muller, CRM, CRM CRM - Active Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
Thomas Munzer, CRM CRM - Retired Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
R. Scott Murchison, CRM, CRM CRM - Retired San Francisco California U.S.A.
Paul Murphy, CRM CRM - Active Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
Bobby Muse, CRM CRM - Retired Louisville Kentucky U.S.A.
Thomas L Myers, CRM, CRM CRM - Active Alexandria Virginia U.S.A.
Deborah Naas, CRM CRM - Active Pembroke Pines Florida U.S.A.
Sheri L. Naegele, CRM CRM - Active Wichita Kansas U.S.A.
William Nardone, CRM CRM - Active Clarkston Michigan U.S.A.
Christie Narver, CRM CRM - Retired Lake Forest California U.S.A.
Laurie Neal, CRA CRA - Active Putnam Connecticut U.S.A.
Stephen Neilly, CRM CRM - Active Sylvan Lake Alberta Canada
Darold Nelson, CRM CRM - Retired Omaha Nebraska U.S.A.
Janet Nelson, CRM CRM - Active Lacrosse Wisconsin U.S.A.
Joy Louise Nelson, CRM CRM - Active Canal Winchester Ohio U.S.A.
Thomas Nelson, CRM CRM - Active Hopkins Minnesota U.S.A.
Lee Nemchek, CRM CRM - Active Simi Valley California U.S.A.
David Neufeld, CRA CRA - Active North Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Amy Newman, CRM CRM - Active Sugar Grove Illinois U.S.A.
John Newman, CRM CRM - Retired Ft Collins Colorado U.S.A.
Kermitt Nicks, CRM CRM - Retired Augusta Georgia U.S.A.
Kathy M. Nierenhausen, CRM, CRM CRM - Active Elk River Minnesota U.S.A.
Robert Nimocks, CRM CRM - Retired Bedford Texas U.S.A.
Bradley M. Nordling, CRM CRM - Active Naperville Illinois U.S.A.
Dynessa Nordrum, CRM CRM - Active Austin Minnesota U.S.A.
Nickie Norris, CRM CRM - Active Owensboro Kentucky U.S.A.
Margaret Note, CRM CRM - Active Bronx New York U.S.A.
Cynthia Nunes, CRM CRM - Active Pasadena California U.S.A.
Barbara E. Nye, CRM CRM - Active Pasadena California U.S.A.
Sheri Nystedt, CRM CRM - Active Parker Colorado U.S.A.
Kelly R. O'Brian, CRM CRM - Active Wylie Texas U.S.A.
John James O'Brien, CRM CRM - Active Victoria British Columbia Canada
Debra O'Clair, CRM CRM - Retired Elkridge Maryland U.S.A.
Robert O'Connor, CRM CRM - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Rebecca O'Gorman, CRM CRM - Retired Thornton Colorado U.S.A.
Niall O'Halloran, CRM CRM - Active Whitby Ontario Canada
Russell J. O'Hare, CRM CRM - Active Soldotna Alaska U.S.A.
Renee O'Neal, CRM CRM - Active Uniontown Ohio U.S.A.
Paul O'Rourke, CRM CRM - Active Springfield Virginia U.S.A.
Timothy T. O'Toole, CRA CRA - Active Casselberry Florida U.S.A.
Patrick Oakes, CRA CRA - Active Seattle Washington U.S.A.
Thomas Oduor, CRM CRM - Active El Paso Texas U.S.A.