ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Penelope Anne Turner, CRA CRA - Active Grand Haven Michigan U.S.A.
leslie.turner@sos.wa.gov, CRM CRM - Active Spokane Washington U.S.A.
Joanne Turnbull, CRM CRM - Active Ottawa Ontario Canada
Sandra Tuller, CRM CRM - Active Palm Harbor Florida U.S.A.
Carolyn Tuft, CRM CRM - Active RWC California U.S.A.
Karen Trussler, CRM CRM - Active Mississauga Ontario Canada
Nathan Troup, CRM CRM - Active State College Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Dennis S.J. Trepanier, CRM CRM - Active Red Deer Alberta Canada
John Treanor, CRM CRM - Active Sleepy Hollow Illinois U.S.A.
Elaine M. Travers, CRM CRM - Retired Kerrville Texas U.S.A.
Betty Ann Trampe, CRM CRM - Retired Denver Colorado U.S.A.
Michele Trader, CRA CRA - Active Newport News Virginia U.S.A.
Deborah Tracy, CRM CRM - Active Costa Mesa California U.S.A.
Nicole Tourangeau Casper, CRM CRM - Active Attleboro Massachusetts U.S.A.
Tanya Totemoff, CRA CRA - Active Anchorage Alaska U.S.A.
Julie Torres, CRA CRA - Active Sparks Nevada U.S.A.
Christina Torres, CRM CRM - Active Kirkland Washington U.S.A.
Kathryn Torpey, CRM CRM - Retired Alexandria Virginia U.S.A.
Tamas Tokoli, CRM CRM - Active Olney Maryland U.S.A.
Rhonda Todd, CRM CRM - Active Chesterfield Virginia U.S.A.
Louis Tirado, CRM CRM - Active Rochelle Park New Jersey U.S.A.
Kathleen Timothy, CRM CRM - Active Budd Lake New Jersey U.S.A.
William Tietjen, CRM CRM - Retired Lakewood Colorado U.S.A.
Linda Tietjen, CRM CRM - Retired Lakewood Colorado U.S.A.
Stephen Thompson, CRM CRM - Active Edmonton Alberta Canada
Laura Thomforde, CRM CRM - Active Yardley Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Ossie Thomas, CRA CRA - Active Collierville Tennessee U.S.A.
Carol Thomas, CRM CRM - Retired Highland Heights Ohio U.S.A.
Tasha Thian, CRM CRM - Active Bowie Maryland U.S.A.
Sheila Taylor, CRM CRM - Active Georgetown Ontario Canada
Jeannie Taylor, CRM CRM - Active Mesa Arizona U.S.A.
Jamey Taylor, CRM CRM - Active Olympia Washington U.S.A.
Jessica Tanner, CRA CRA - Active Bartlesville Oklahoma U.S.A.
Elena Tanner, CRA CRA - Active Sugar Land Texas U.S.A.
Angeline Tan, CRM CRM - Active Loma Linda California U.S.A.
Deborah Tamborski, CRM CRM - Active Greenlawn New York U.S.A.
Angeline Takawira, CRM CRM - Active The Hague ZH Netherlands
Krzysztof Szybalski, CRM CRM - Active Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
Peggy J. Neal, CRM CRM - Active Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Pari Swift, CRM CRM - Active Columbus Ohio U.S.A.