ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Janet Bishop, CRM CRM - Active King City Ontario Canada
Klaren E Bjornseth, CRM CRM - Active Grand Forks North Dakota U.S.A.
Barbara Blackburn, CRM CRM - Active Forest Lake Minnesota U.S.A.
Sharon Blackstock, CRM CRM - Retired Littleton Colorado U.S.A.
Laurie Blandino, CRM CRM - Active Baton Rouge Louisiana U.S.A.
Jean Blaser, CRM CRM - Retired Holmes Beach Florida U.S.A.
Shawna Bleecker, CRM CRM - Active Denver Colorado U.S.A.
Robert Blem, CRM CRM - Active Cranberry Township Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Mary Bodenhamer, CRA CRA - Active Cleveland Tennessee U.S.A.
Margaret J. Boeringer, CRM CRM - Active Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
Catherine Boettcher, CRM CRM - Active Hutchinson Minnesota U.S.A.
Laura Boldt, CRM CRM - Active Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
John Bolton, CRM CRM - Retired Victoria British Columbia Canada
Lilian Boote, CRM CRM - Active Innisfil Ontario Canada
Robert Chayce Boots, CRM CRM - Active Springfield Illinois U.S.A.
Les Bossert, CRM CRM - Active Bismarck North Dakota U.S.A.
Leanne M Bostwick, CRM CRM - Active Chattanooga Tennessee U.S.A.
Brynmor Bowen, CRM CRM - Active Brooklyn New York U.S.A.
John Bowen, CRM CRM - Active Beachwood Ohio U.S.A.
Scott Bowker, CRM CRM - Active Cambridge Massachusetts U.S.A.