ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Wilma Lucente, CRM CRM - Active Allentown Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Lisa Lubak, CRA CRA - Active Erie Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Peyyi Lu, CRM CRM - Active Houston Texas U.S.A.
Sabrina Lozano, CRM CRM - Active Mclean Virginia U.S.A.
David Lowry, CRM CRM - Active Albany New York U.S.A.
Anne Lowrey, CRM CRM - Active Ottawa Ontario Canada
Cora E. Lowe, CRA CRA - Active Bridgetown Barbados
Polly Lowder, CRM CRM - Retired Minneapolis Minnesota U.S.A.
Richard Loranger, CRM CRM - Active Scarborough Ontario Canada
Phoebe Lopez-Walter, CRM CRM - Active Torrance California U.S.A.
JoAnn Looten, CRM CRM - Active Henley Missouri U.S.A.
Howard Loos, CRM CRM - Active Provo Utah U.S.A.
Linda Long, CRM CRM - Active Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
Gregg M Long, CRM CRM - Active Chattanooga Tennessee U.S.A.
Sarah L. Lohmeyer, CRM CRM - Active St. Louis Missouri U.S.A.
Matthew Logie, CRA CRA - Active Reston Virginia U.S.A.
Bette Lloyd, CRM CRM - Active Warren Ohio U.S.A.
Kriss Llewellyn, CRM CRM - Active Hollywood Florida U.S.A.
Laura L. Livingston, CRM, CRM CRM - Active DeSoto Texas U.S.A.
Andrea Lipari, CRM CRM - Active Conroe Texas U.S.A.
Gary Link, CRM CRM - Active Freeport Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Deborah Lindley, CRA CRA - Active Santa Rosa California U.S.A.
Jessica Lila, CRM CRM - Active Benson Arizona U.S.A.
Karene Leworthy, CRM CRM - Active Sarasota Florida U.S.A.
Jeff Lewis, CRM CRM - Active Frederick Maryland U.S.A.
Dawn Lewandowski, CRM CRM - Active Seward Nebraska U.S.A.
Emilie Leumas, CRM CRM - Active New Orleans Louisiana U.S.A.
Terrell Les Strange, CRM CRM - Active Victoria British Columbia Canada
Kristina Lengvenis, CRM CRM - Active Vancouver Washington U.S.A.
Mark LeMahieu, CRM CRM - Active Franklin Wisconsin U.S.A.
Margaret Lell, CRM CRM - Active Morrisville North Carolina U.S.A.
Michael Leigh, CRM CRM - Retired Highland Park Queensland Australia
Gilles Legare, CRM CRM - Active Millet Alberta Canada
Bryan M. LeFils, CRA CRA - Active Winter Garden Florida U.S.A.
William LeFevre, CRM CRM - Active Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan U.S.A.
Susan Lees, CRM CRM - Retired Des Moines Iowa U.S.A.
Michael Lee, CRA CRA - Active DeSoto Texas U.S.A.
Darice Lee, CRA CRA - Active Burke Virginia U.S.A.
Karen Ledbetter, CRM CRM - Retired Idaho Falls Idaho U.S.A.
Robert Leavitt, CRM CRM - Active Calgary Alberta Canada
John Lazuk, CRM CRM - Retired Duluth Georgia U.S.A.
Mary Laverdure, CRM CRM - Active Winston-salem North Carolina U.S.A.
Frank LaSorsa, CRM CRM - Active Staten Island New York U.S.A.
Traci A Larsen, CRM CRM - Active Pleasant Hill Iowa U.S.A.
Dennis Larsen, CRM CRM - Retired Shorewood Wisconsin U.S.A.
Agnes Larcenaire, CRM CRM - Active Castleton On Hudson New York U.S.A.
Sharon LaPlant, CRM CRM - Active Warren Michigan U.S.A.
Karen J. Langley, CRA CRA - Active Athabasca Alberta Canada
Mark Langemo, CRM CRM - Retired Grand Forks North Dakota U.S.A.
Richard Lang, CRM CRM - Active New York New York U.S.A.
Jennifer Lang, CRM CRM - Active Grand Forks North Dakota U.S.A.
Laura Lamont, CRM CRM - Active Blue Springs Missouri U.S.A.
Debra Lammons, CRM CRM - Active The Woodlands Texas U.S.A.
Michelle Lamm, CRM CRM - Retired Boise Idaho U.S.A.
Anthony M. Laino, CRM CRM - Retired Toronto Ontario Canada
Lik Chi Ritchie Lai, CRM CRM - Active Langley British Columbia Canada
Mark Lagodinski, CRM CRM - Active Chicago Illinois U.S.A.
Tera Ladner, CRM CRM - Active Midland Georgia U.S.A.
Crystel Kurtzberg, CRM CRM - Active Reston Virginia U.S.A.
Laura Kurtycz, CRA CRA - Active Grand Rapids Michigan U.S.A.