Alan Andolsen "Mentor of the Year" Award

The ICRM announces Juanita Skillman, FAI, CRM-Retired, as the Recipient of the 2018 Alan Andolsen Award

The 2018 Alan Andolsen Award was presented to Juanita Skillman, FAI, CRM-Retired, on Sunday, October 21, 2018, during the Annual Business Meeting hosted in Anaheim, CA.

Juanita Skillman, FAI, CRM-Retired earned her CRM in 1986. Since that time she has continued to support and promote the ICRM, even after her retirement in 2014.

In 2000, Juanita developed the CRM Prep Seminar to assist members in her chapter to earn certification and has continued support this seminar for 17 years. In addition to her two chapters, Orange County ARMA and Greater Los Angeles ARMA, she has presented at CRM Prep Seminars to ARMA Chapters in Arizona, Atlanta, Bakersfield, Boise, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, St Louis, and Washington D.C. She spearheaded the CRM Prep Seminar at the Pacific Region Conference in 2014, participated in the CRM Prep Seminars for NIRMA and the Canadian Region.

Her concept and materials were developed into the present CRM Prep Seminars that have been presented at both Pre and Post Conference Seminars at the ARMA International Conference. She also worked with ICRM past Presidents, Debra Gearhart and Rae Lynn Halliday, to introduce this material as the CRM Prep Product that is available to Chapters today.

Juanita’s commitment to the ICRM and to helping colleagues develop their skills, and to encourage others to do the same, has influenced a generation of records management professionals through the many CRM prep seminars in which she has participated.

About the Alan Andolsen “Mentor of the Year”

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) established the Alan Andolsen “Mentor of the Year” Award at their Spring Board Meeting in April 2011. The Award was created to recognize an individual who, in the opinion of the ICRM Awards & Nominations Committee, has contributed significantly to the ICRM through related mentoring activities.

Qualifications for the Award shall be as follows:  
  1. A Certified Records Manager (CRM) in good standing who has contributed significantly to the ICRM and to certification by mentoring activities. These activities should extend beyond a one year period and impact more than one individual. Mentoring activities include, but are not limited to the following: 
    • Individual mentoring and coaching; 
    • Promoting the CRM designation; 
    • Teaching/presentation at CRM Prep seminars or other venues; 
    • Hosting or contributing to CRM study groups; 
    • The committee may take other relevant information into account as well.  
  2. No member of the Board of Regents shall be eligible for the award for a minimum of two years after leaving the Board. 
The award will be presented at the ICRM Annual Business Meeting to be held in conjunction with the ARMA International Annual Conference.

More about Alan
Alan Andolsen, CRM, CMC, served as President of the ICRM in 2009 and succeeded to Chairman of the Board in 2010 until his passing.  As President, he directed the revision to the organization's leadership succession structure and branding strategy, the creation of the ICRM's Internet portal and increasing the number of CRMs. Alan Andolsen, CRM, CMC, was the President of Naremco Services, Inc. and was a records management consultant for more than 30 years. His primary focus was on the management of digital records and the development of methodologies to create effective management structures. During his 31 years as a member of ARMA International, Alan served on many committees and task forces. He was a recognized records management expert and spoke at a number of ARMA conferences. He received his CRM designation in July of 1995.

Past Alan Andolsen Award Recipients

Anne Hepplewhite, CRM
Ellie Maier, CRM, CBCP
Debra K. Gearhart, CRM
Tod Chernikoff, CRM, IGP, CIP
Su D.A. Graham, CRM
Kathleen Glasgow Sparks, CRM