Applying for The Examination

The process and requirements outlined below apply to both Certified Records Analyst (CRA) and Certified Records Manager (CRM) applicants.

Applying for The the Examinations

Prospective Candidates must complete and submit an ONLINE application with supporting documentation indicating acceptable education and professional work experience along with a non-refundable application fee.  At this point, the prospective candidate is now an “Applicant.”  The application and supporting documentation is reviewed and evaluated by the ICRM and evaluated by the to determine if the qualification requirements have been met.

Note that the official language of the application form and all supporting documentation is English.

Application Fees

Prospective Candidates pay a non-refundable fee for processing their original application and evaluating credentials.  Applicants who fail to meet mandatory qualifications are required to resubmit a new application form (including a new processing fee if they request reconsideration more than one year after the date of the original application).  The application fee is $100.00 USD.


The preferred qualifications for applying for either the CRA or the CRM are a college degree (four-year or bachelor’s degree) and one year of professional records and information management (RIM) experience. One additional year of professional RIM experience may be substituted for each year of college not completed (i.e. a high-school graduate with five years of professional RIM experience could apply). For example: Bachelor degree (Graduate degree implies completion of Bachelor degree) PLUS one year professional level RIM experience OR

  • 3 years college PLUS two years professional level RIM experience OR
  • 2 years college PLUS three years professional level RIM experience OR
  • 1 year college PLUS four years professional level RIM experience OR
  • High School Diploma or GED PLUS five years professional level RIM experience


The minimum acceptable education is graduation from high school (completion of 12 grades) or equivalent (e.g. GED credential or equivalency diploma) in conjunction with five years professional level RIM experience. The preferred education is a 4-year (bachelor’s) degree from an accredited institution of higher education. The academic major (course of study) need not have been in a records related field. Partial credit (in half-year increments) may be given for acceptable credit hours short of a bachelor’s degree. All claimed education must be documented by either official transcripts or a photocopy of the diploma. Partial education (credit hours short of a degree) must be documented by official transcripts.

Professional Work Experience

The minimum acceptable professional (RIM) experience is one year in conjunction with a Bachelor degree or higher.  Acceptable professional work experience may have been acquired if a person has:

  • Conducted studies and surveys
  • Developed, designed, and implemented records or information management systems
  • Had direct managerial or operational responsibility for RIM programs
  • Has taught in an accredited college/university (on a full time basis) courses in RIM

The ICRM requires external, written verification signed by the employer of claimed experience containing sufficient detail to determine if the work meets the standards described above. Verification must include dates the applicant held the job responsibilities described. The documentation can come directly from the employer or can be submitted by the applicant. “Employer” can include a supervisor, manager, company owner or director, or someone from the Human Resources office.

If job descriptions meeting the above criteria are not available, letters from employers or clients can be considered as long as they contain the needed information. Click on this link to view a sample letter.

Time Limits

An applicant is not considered a “Candidate” and will not be scheduled for the exams until the ICRM approves the application. If the ICRM determines that additional documentation is needed to support the application, the applicant will be asked to supply the additional material. An applicant who is asked to provide additional documentation has one year after the original application date to provide it. If documentation is not provided in that time frame the application is considered closed. If the applicant then wishes to be reconsidered (a resubmission) another application fee will be charged.

Limits of ICRM Responsibility

In the event the ICRM cannot or does not render a decision on an application in time for a scheduled exam, the ICRM’s liability is limited to providing an extension of time for the applicant to submit acceptable material.  Such an extension shall be at no additional charge to the applicant.


A decision by the ICRM is final unless formal written appeal procedures are followed. An appeal can be filed by any unapproved applicant by addressing a letter requesting such an appeal to the Appellate Process Committee of the Institute.

ICRM ID and Password

Candidates will receive an ICRM ID and password when they’ve been approved as an ICRM Candidate.  If that ID or password is lost, contact the ICRM Administrative Office at Please allow one week to receive the ID and password.