CRA Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AT: ICRM Annual Business Meeting: September 24, 2016 

Contact: Nick De Laurentis, CRM, IGP
Regent, Applicant and Member Relations 
Institute of Certified Records Managers 
Work: 309.735.3500 

The ICRM Launches its Third Professional Certification: 
Certified Records Analyst (CRA) 

The CRA provides another opportunity to be a member of the ICRM.  By achieving the CRA designation, records management professionals demonstrate a solid foundation in Records and Information Management (RIM); potentially on their way to attaining the CRM.  CRA's are knowledgeable and experienced in active and inactive records systems.  A CRA's knowledge includes such areas as electronic records and information; regulatory compliance-related requirements; the lifecycle management of records and information; and more.   

This certification provides an opportunity for immediate certification to those existing CRM candidates that have already successfully passed Parts 2-4 of the examinations; while still retaining the ability to continue on to the CRM.  The CRA allows newly educated and experienced records management professionals the ability to become a member of the Institute; thereby improving their opportunities for career advancement and increasing the number of educated and credentialed millennials to meet the demand for RIM and Information Governance (IG) positions in the global marketplace. 

"We are excited to deliver the CRA certification to the RIM profession! This new certification follows our time-tested approach and allows for more professionals to obtain a value-added RIM credential while promoting the continuance of their individual development. We fully expect many to use the CRA as a spring-board to achieving their CRM over a timeline that meets their individual needs." -Brice Sample, CRM -President 

A CRA may vote in elections of the ICRM, may not hold office but can serve as a member or chairman of an ICRM Commission, Committee or Taskforce, may attend the ICRM Business Meeting and may attend the ICRM Annual Reception held annually at the ARMA Conference. Further, CRAs are granted access to the ICRM website, the membership directory and all publications and information provided as a benefit of ICRM membership.

Candidates for the CRA, upon submitting an online application to the ICRM, will be approved to sit for Parts 2-4 if they properly document achievement of a 4-year (bachelor's degree) from an accredited institution of higher education and also demonstrate one-year of professional Records and Information Management (RIM) experience.  Alternately, one year of professional Records and Information Management (RIM) experience can be substituted for each year of college education. 

Founded in 1975, the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) is an international certifying organization of and for professional records managers.  The Institute confers three designations: the Certified Records Manager (CRM); the Certified Records Manager/Nuclear Specialist (CRM/NS); and now the Certified Records Analyst (CRA). 

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