CRM-FED Application

Applying for The the Examinations

>Prospective Candidates must complete and submit application with acceptable professional work experience. Once approved, candidates will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to register to take the exam and pay a non-refundable fee of $125.00USD on-line during registration.

Note that the official language of the application form and all supporting documentation is English. 


The qualifications for applying for the Federal Specialist are as follows: 
  • Be recognized by the ICRM as a Certified Records Manager (CRM) in good standing.
  • Have a total of 4 years of professional practice involving Records and Information Management (RIM) programs of the U.S. Government, whether as Federal government employee, uniformed military, vendor, consultant, or contractor. The experience need not be continuous nor performed as a CRM.

Qualifying Categories

Qualifying experience categories include the following:
  • Management of Records/Information Management Program
  • Records Creation/Control
  • Electronic Records Systems
  • Physical Records Management
  • Records Appraisal/Scheduling/ Retention/Disposition
  • RIM Policies
  • CAPSTONE Implementation

Application Process

Applicants should complete the Application Form, scan and e-mail to (NOTE - remember to download to your computer before filling and sign before submitting)

Limits of ICRM Responsibility

In the event the ICRM cannot or does not render a decision on an application in time for a scheduled exam, the ICRM’s liability is limited to providing an extension of time for the applicant to submit acceptable material.  Such an extension shall be at no additional charge to the applicant.


A decision by the ICRM is final unless formal written appeal procedures are followed. An appeal can be filed by any unapproved applicant by addressing a letter requesting such an appeal to the Appellate Process Committee of the Institute.


Any questions should be forwarded the ICRM Administrative Office at