1. Donating records
    Know how to request approval to donate records pursuant to 36 CFR.
  2. Pre-accession records transfer
    Understand the advantages and processes for pre-accession transfer of permanent records to NARA.
  3. Permanent records accession transfer
    Develop agency-wide instructions for transferring permanent records to NARA.
  4. Offsite storage transfer guidelines
    Create agency-specific guidelines for transferring records to offsite storage whether physical or electronic media.
  5. Big bucket schedule conversion
    Know what is involved to convert a traditional records schedule to a big bucket schedule.
  6. Submitting records schedules
    Draft an agency-specific records schedule for submission to NARA.
  7. Applying GRS updates to agency schedules
    Coordinate the application of GRS updates to agency comprehensive records schedules.
  8. Tailoring GRS descriptions to agency records
    Know how to tailor a GRS description to an agency's records. Identify the appropriate GRS items and draft a tailored description to accurately reflect the actual records in agency custody.
  9. Identifying GRS schedule items for use in the agency
    Identify GRS schedule items which will be suitable for adoption and use in the agency.
  10. Request GRS exceptions
    Know the circumstances under which a GRS classification is not acceptable for use by the agency and request an exception to not use the GRS.
  11. Planning off-site storage
    Plan for compliant off-site storage of physical and electronic records including options such as local records holding areas, records centers, and commercial cloud storage.
  12. Implementing Capstone for email
    Understand the factors in identifying categories of users and implement Capstone for email management.
  13. Reporting emergency destruction
    Understand the allowable conditions and when to report the emergency destruction of Federal records per 36 CFR 1228.
  14. Investigating and reporting unauthorized disposition and alienation
    Understand agency obligations and how to investigate and report instances of unauthorized disposition and alienation of records to the Archivist of the United States.
  15. Protecting information from internal and external threats
    Develop and assess Agency-wide and component-level policies to protect records and information from internal and external threats.
  16. Reporting unauthorized destruction
    Report unauthorized destruction of records to NARA.
  17. Input and review process for agency IT/IM budget and procurement
    Establish a process to provide Records Officer input and review on IT/IM budget requests and agency procurement contracts for RIM implications.
  18. Remote storage and vital records for COG/COOP
    Determine appropriate remote storage venue and media for vital records for COG/COOP.
  19. Records preservation and recovery processes for disaster response
    Develop agency wide-processes to be prepared for disaster response and implement actions for records preservation and recovery.