ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Angeline Takawira, CRM CRM - Active The Hague ZH Netherlands
Anthony(Tony) Adams, CRM CRM - Retired Cheyenne Wyoming U.S.A.
Janie Wait, CRM CRM - Active Casper Wyoming U.S.A.
John M. Wiesinger, CRM CRM - Active Whitefish Bay Wisconsin U.S.A.
Mark A Packard, CRA CRA - Active West Allis Wisconsin U.S.A.
Brent Gatewood, CRM CRM - Active Waukesha Wisconsin U.S.A.
Steven Bardouche, CRM CRM - Active Stoughton Wisconsin U.S.A.
Dennis Larsen, CRM CRM - Retired Shorewood Wisconsin U.S.A.
Margaret Eusch, CRM CRM - Active Richfield Wisconsin U.S.A.
Nancy Hinneberg, CRM CRM - Active Port Washington Wisconsin U.S.A.
Kathryn Scanlan, CRM CRM - Active Pewaukee Wisconsin U.S.A.
Sandra Broady-Rudd, CRM CRM - Active Pardeeville Wisconsin U.S.A.
Kathy Rosinski, CRA CRA - Active Oshkosh Wisconsin U.S.A.
Jeanne Callen, CRM CRM - Active Oshkosh Wisconsin U.S.A.
Barbara Kufalk, CRM CRM - Active Mukwonago Wisconsin U.S.A.
Arlyce Vogel, CRM CRM - Active Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A.
Brad Houston, CRA CRA - Active Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A.
Leslie Starczewski, CRA CRA - Active Madison Wisconsin U.S.A.
Pamela Duane, CRM CRM - Retired Madison Wisconsin U.S.A.
Janet Nelson, CRM CRM - Active Lacrosse Wisconsin U.S.A.
Steve Colombus, CRM, IGP, CDIA+, CRM CRM - Active Kenosha Wisconsin U.S.A.
Joanie Valdez, CRA CRA - Active Janesville Wisconsin U.S.A.
Bethany Hynes, CRM CRM - Active Hartland Wisconsin U.S.A.
David Connor , CRM CRM - Active Grafton Wisconsin U.S.A.
Mark LeMahieu, CRM CRM - Active Franklin Wisconsin U.S.A.
Herbert Foster Jr, CRM CRM - Active Franklin Wisconsin U.S.A.
Timothy Hughes, CRM CRM - Retired Fitchburg Wisconsin U.S.A.
Tamera Price, CRM CRM - Active Ellsworth Wisconsin U.S.A.
Amy Coughlin, CRM CRM - Retired Crandon Wisconsin U.S.A.
Denise Pickett, CRM/NS CRM/NS - Active Morgantown West Virginia U.S.A.
Michael Garrett, CRM CRM - Active Morgantown West Virginia U.S.A.
Peter Cameon, CRM CRM - Active Morgantown West Virginia U.S.A.
Andrew Penta, CRM CRM - Active Vancouver Washington U.S.A.
Jami Dobretz, CRA CRA - Active Vancouver Washington U.S.A.
Robert Dalton, CRM CRM - Active University Place Washington U.S.A.
Sharon Burnett, CRM CRM - Active University Place Washington U.S.A.
Kathy Brown, CRA CRA - Active Tacoma Washington U.S.A.
leslie.turner@sos.wa.gov, CRM CRM - Active Spokane Washington U.S.A.
Patrick Oakes, CRA CRA - Active Seattle Washington U.S.A.
Susan Goodman, CRM CRM - Active Seattle Washington U.S.A.