ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Kevin Vagen, CRM CRM - Active Cambridge Massachusetts U.S.A.
Eliza Van Artsdalen, CRM CRM - Retired Pinole California U.S.A.
Michelle VanAllen, CRM CRM - Active Summerville South Carolina U.S.A.
Peter Vanderhooft, CRA CRA - Active Park City Utah U.S.A.
D. Scott VanNederynen, CRM CRM - Active Castleton New York U.S.A.
Ruben D. Vargas, CRM CRM - Active Maricopa Arizona U.S.A.
Dan Vasey, CRM CRM - Active St. Louis Missouri U.S.A.
Sharon Vaughn, CRM CRM - Active Greenwood Village Colorado U.S.A.
Susanne Veal, CRA CRA - Active Rochester New Hampshire U.S.A.
Ganesh Vednere, CRM CRM - Active West Windsor New Jersey U.S.A.
Jessica Velie, CRM CRM - Active Minneapolis Minnesota U.S.A.
Patricia Vice, CRM CRM - Active Houston Texas U.S.A.
Sandra D Vieira, CRA CRA - Active Cambridge Ontario Canada
Louise Vignola, CRM CRM - Active New York New York U.S.A.
Donna Viland, CRM CRM - Active Bloomington Minnesota U.S.A.
Donna Jean Vitalie, CRM CRM - Active Dulles Virginia U.S.A.
Mark Vitalie, CRM CRM - Retired Oakton Virginia U.S.A.
Arlyce Vogel, CRM CRM - Active Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A.
Katharine A. Voldal, CRM CRM - Active Arlington Virginia U.S.A.
Kevin Von Stein, CRM CRM - Active Canton Georgia U.S.A.
Deborah Church-Voronkov, CRM CRM - Active Columbus Ohio U.S.A.
Valdene Wager, CRM CRM - Retired Sarnia Ontario Canada
Kelsey Waggenspack, CRA CRA - Active Baton Rouge Louisiana U.S.A.
Rayanne Waggoner, CRM CRM - Retired Sunnyvale California U.S.A.
Ellen Wagstaff, CRM CRM - Active Wellsville Utah U.S.A.
Janie Wait, CRM CRM - Active Casper Wyoming U.S.A.
swalden214@gmail.com, CRM CRM - Retired Dallas Texas U.S.A.
Rochelle Kay Waldoch, CRM CRM - Active Roseville Minnesota U.S.A.
Kevin Waldrup, CRM CRM - Active Round Rock Texas U.S.A.
Diane Walker, CRM CRM - Active Richmond Texas U.S.A.
Jeanel Walker, CRA CRA - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Leontine Walker, CRM CRM - Active Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
jennifer.ostertag@earthlink.net, CRM CRM - Active Houston Texas U.S.A.
Melissa Wallis, CRM CRM - Active San Antonio Texas U.S.A.
G. Mark Walsh, CRM CRM - Active Norfolk Virginia U.S.A.
Caroline Walters, CRM CRM - Active Crozet Virginia U.S.A.
Paul Waltman, CRM CRM - Active Tucker Georgia U.S.A.
Kiersten Ward, CRM CRM - Active Williamston Michigan U.S.A.
Scott W Ward, CRM CRM - Active Groveland Illinois U.S.A.
John W Warrick, CRM CRM - Active Bothell Washington U.S.A.
T. Ricia Washington, CRA CRA - Active Atlanta Georgia U.S.A.
Yvonne Wathen, CRM CRM - Active Louisville Kentucky U.S.A.
Rosemary Watson, CRM CRM - Retired Scarborough Ontario Canada
M. Lee Watt, CRM CRM - Active Broomfield Colorado U.S.A.
Jennifer Watters Farley, CRM CRM - Active Staten Island New York U.S.A.
Mary J Waytashek, CRM CRM - Active Minneapolis Minnesota U.S.A.
Mary Beth Weaver, CRM CRM - Active Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
Alexander Webb, CRM CRM - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Virginia Webster, CRM CRM - Active Bryant Arkansas U.S.A.
Wenling (Isabelle) Wei, CRM CRM - Active Toronto Ontario Canada
Graham Weigand, CRA CRA - Active Houston Texas U.S.A.
Molly Weinbender, CRM CRM - Active Richland Washington U.S.A.
Miranda Welch, CRM CRM - Active Havelock North - New Zealand
Pamela Welch, CRM CRM - Active Tualatin Oregon U.S.A.
J. Thomas Wellman, CRM CRM - Active Tallahassee Florida U.S.A.
Carol Wells, CRM CRM - Retired Rockland Ontario Canada
Kline Welsch, CRM CRM - Active Richland Washington U.S.A.
Virginia Welzant, CRM CRM - Retired Henderson Maryland U.S.A.
Kimberly A F Wendelin, CRM CRM - Active Denver Colorado U.S.A.
Clinton Wentworth, CRM CRM - Active San Antonio Texas U.S.A.