ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Jamie Corona, CRA CRA - Active Raleigh North Carolina U.S.A.
Emilie S. Costan, CRM CRM - Active Sacramento California U.S.A.
Darin Cote, CRM CRM - Active Fort Worth Texas U.S.A.
Michelle Cotton, CRM CRM - Active Addison New York U.S.A.
Amy Coughlin, CRM CRM - Retired Crandon Wisconsin U.S.A.
Official CRM Certificate, CRM CRM - Retired Westborough Massachusetts U.S.A.
Shelle Cover, CRM CRM - Active Anchorage Alaska U.S.A.
Kristal Coyle, CRM CRM - Active Royse City Texas U.S.A.
Cathy Craig, CRM CRM - Active Mclean Illinois U.S.A.
Katherine Cranford, CRM CRM - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
Jennifer E Crawford, CRM CRM - Active Las Vegas Nevada U.S.A.
Teri Crawford, CRM CRM - Active Perrysburg Ohio U.S.A.
Monica Crocker, CRM CRM - Active St. Paul Minnesota U.S.A.
Barbara Cross, CRM CRM - Active Redondo Beach California U.S.A.
Marvin Cross, CRM CRM - Active Hermosa Beach California U.S.A.
Tim Croucher, CRM CRM - Active Sanford Florida U.S.A.
Patrick Crowley, CRM CRM - Active Valley Forge Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Ramon Cruickshank, CRA CRA - Active Barataria Trinidad And Tobago
Trudi Wright, CRM CRM - Active St. Catharines Ontario Canada
Frederick Cullum, CRA CRA - Active Prince George British Columbia Canada
Lucinda Cummings, CRM CRM - Active Montgomery Texas U.S.A.
Charlene Cunniffe, CRM CRM - Active Somerville Massachusetts U.S.A.
Nichelle Cunningham, CRA CRA - Active San Antonio Texas U.S.A.
Raymond Cunningham, CRM CRM - Active Homer Illinois U.S.A.
Darlene Curtice, CRM CRM - Active Mill Creek Washington U.S.A.
Kevin Dale, CRM CRM - Active Naperville Illinois U.S.A.
Robert Dalton, CRM CRM - Active University Place Washington U.S.A.
Ann Danet-Ebrahimi, CRA CRA - Active Houston Texas U.S.A.
George Darnell, CRM CRM - Active Front Royal Virginia U.S.A.
rdarsch@gmail.com, CRM CRM - Active Boston Massachusetts U.S.A.
Galina Datskovsky, CRM CRM - Active Fair Lawn New Jersey U.S.A.
Lisa Marie Daulby, CRM CRM - Active Toronto Ontario Canada
Tammy Davey, CRA CRA - Active Qu'appelle Saskatchewan Canada
Robert Davies, CRM CRM - Active Moncton New Brunswick Canada
Bradlee Wilson Davis, CRA CRA - Active Cary North Carolina U.S.A.
Douglas A Davis, CRM CRM - Active Boise Idaho U.S.A.
Jan Davis, CRM CRM - Active Norman Oklahoma U.S.A.
Jennifer Davis, CRA CRA - Active Grove City Ohio U.S.A.
Keith Davis, CRM CRM - Active Lexington Massachusetts U.S.A.
Molly Davis, CRM CRM - Retired Fort Collins Colorado U.S.A.