ICRM's Official Registry of Certified Members

Member Name Status City State Country
Joanna Groberg, CRM CRM - Active Washington District of Columbia U.S.A.
Dondee Groves, CRA CRA - Active Artesia New Mexico U.S.A.
Mark Grysiuk, CRM CRM - Active Kitchener Ontario Canada
Philip Guenther, CRM CRM - Active Charlotte North Carolina U.S.A.
Jeanie S. Gueretta, CRM CRM - Active Loma Colorado U.S.A.
Christopher Gunias, CRA CRA - Active Parker Colorado U.S.A.
Charles B. Gunti, CRM CRM - Active Buford Georgia U.S.A.
Jami Guthrie, CRM CRM - Active Rapid City South Dakota U.S.A.
Sherry Guthrie, CRM CRM - Retired Casa Grande Arizona U.S.A.
Robert Guz, CRM CRM - Active Austin Texas U.S.A.
John Hackett, CRM CRM - Active Chevy Chase Maryland U.S.A.
Tara Haghighi, CRA CRA - Active Los Altos Hills California U.S.A.
Heather Hahn, CRA CRA - Active Reno Nevada U.S.A.
Jeremy Haiar, CRM CRM - Active Locust Grove Georgia U.S.A.
Mary Haider MBA, CRM, CRM CRM - Active Maryville Tennessee U.S.A.
Samuel Eugene Haiduc III, CRA CRA - Active Navarre Ohio U.S.A.
Rae Lynn Haliday, CRM CRM - Active Maryland Heights Missouri U.S.A.
Stephen Haller, CRM CRM - Retired Madison Mississippi U.S.A.
Dr. Earl Halvas, CRM CRM - Retired Saratoga Springs Utah U.S.A.
Doris Hambacher, CRM CRM - Active Chicago Illinois U.S.A.
Amy Hamilton, CRM CRM - Active Rockville Maryland U.S.A.
Kelly Hamilton, CRM CRM - Active Peoria Arizona U.S.A.
Mary Hamm, CRM CRM - Active Glen Rock New Jersey U.S.A.
Joanna Hammerschmidt, CRA CRA - Active Lenexa Kansas U.S.A.
Roger Hamperian, CRM CRM - Active Lexington Kentucky U.S.A.
Christine Hann, CRM CRM - Active Calgary Alberta Canada
Sandra Hanna, CRM CRM - Active Amarillo Texas U.S.A.
Peggy Hanning, CRM CRM - Active Chengdu China, People's Republic
Roger Hansen, CRM CRM - Active Gahanna Ohio U.S.A.
Tracy Hansen, CRA CRA - Active North Ogden Utah U.S.A.
Ryan Michael Hanus, CRM CRM - Active Richardson Texas U.S.A.
Cindy Hargett, CRM CRM - Active Rio Rancho New Mexico U.S.A.
Eileen Harke, CRM CRM - Active Olympia Washington U.S.A.
Kurt Harle, CRM CRM - Active Clear Lake Iowa U.S.A.
Jessica Harman, CRM CRM - Active Bartlesville Oklahoma U.S.A.
Janet Harper, CRM CRM - Active Carmel Indiana U.S.A.
Kathleen Ann Harrington, CRM CRM - Active Lakewood Colorado U.S.A.
Dean Harris, CRM CRM - Active Bowie Maryland U.S.A.
Karen Harris, CRM CRM - Retired Richardson Texas U.S.A.
Donna J. Harrison, CRM CRM - Active Arvada Colorado U.S.A.