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About Certification

About Certification

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) is an international certifying organization of and for professional records and information managers. The ICRM was incorporated in 1975 to meet the requirement to have a standard by which persons involved in records and information management could be measured, accredited and recognized according to criteria of experience and capability established by their peers.

The primary mission of the ICRM is to develop and administer the professional certification of Records and Information Managers including the relevant examinations and certification maintenance program.  The ICRM serves as the certifying body for records and information management (RIM) professionals and the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA).  Organizations that can write and administer a Part 7 exam that tests for industry-specific RIM knowledge not identified on any of the current CRM examinations, may qualify to have a Special Designation in records management that individuals in the relevant profession can pursue once they have obtained their initial CRM certification.  Contact the ICRM President-Elect for more information on the ICRM Special Designation Program at

The Value of Being a Certified Records Manager (CRM)

National and global industry surveys continue to show a strong correlation and value proposition for those RIM professionals that achieve the CRM designation.  The candidate’s belief that the credential will provide for enhanced professionalism and personal growth is a significant factor in the overall decision to become a CRM.  The RIM knowledge gained through the certification examination preparation process, and elevation of confidence that is achieved as a result of mastering related competencies, is directly related to the CRM’s ability to garner higher-level RIM positions with commensurate salaries.

The Application Process

Persons wishing to become a CRM must complete and submit an online application with supporting documentation indicating acceptable work experience and education along with a non-refundable application fee. These credentials are reviewed and evaluated by the ICRM’s Certification Standards Committee to determine if the certification requirements have been met. Details about the application process are found here:

The Examination Process

Attaining the CRM designation is based on educational background, professional work experience and the passing of a six part examination.  Once an Applicant is approved as a Candidate, they may register for the examinations. Details about the examination process can be found here:

The six part examination is divided into:

  1. Management Principles and the Records and Information (RIM) Program
  2. Records and Information: Creation and Use
  3. Records Systems, Storage and Retrieval
  4. Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection and Disposition
  5. Technology
  6. Case Studies (can only be taken once a Candidate passes Parts 1-5)

Parts 1 to 5 each consist of 100 multiple choice questions. Part 6 consists of case studies which require essay responses.

Responsibilities of Membership

Upon successfully passing all required exams, the Candidate is a Member of the ICRM.  To remain a member of the ICRM in good standing, and thereby authorized to use the professional designation of “Certified Records Manager”, or “CRM”, a person who is certified must meet the requirements set forth by the Board of Regents, including: