ICRM Advantages

What are the advantages of being a Certified Records Manager (CRM)?

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM), an international certifying body of and for professional records managers, began the process of issuing the Certified Records Manager (CRM) designation in 1975. More than 40 years later, the organization and the credential remains a valuable part of the Records and Information Management (RIM) community; an expanding interdisciplinary, global and diverse constituency.

The CRM credential and now the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) provides a strong foundation of core skills and competencies for the RIM professional. It covers everything from general management principles, all aspects of recordkeeping from creation, management, control, storage and disposition, through in-depth areas of recordkeeping technologies. In addition, CRM Candidates are required to put together the subject matter knowledge they gain through preparation for the exams, by writing two business case studies that demonstrate their ability to apply and convey their knowledge to upper management, clients and other constituents.

There are many certificate programs in the market that are targeted for “just-in-time” training needs; they are valuable and serve an important purpose. There are other certifications that fill an important niche for specific levels of records management or evolving technologies. These supplemental certifications in areas such as nuclear records, e-discovery, security, privacy, technology and governance, compliment the basic knowledge gained with the CRM. However, no other professional records management certification does what the CRM does in elevating one’s skills and competencies to a level that is continually benchmarked against standards set by the RIM profession; standards that do not lose their relevancy in the midst of changing technologies.

The stellar continuing education requirements that come with being a CRM ensure that professionals remain current in their skills and competencies and can assist organizations in the deployment of successful RIM strategies. CRMs are well sought after in the market place, salaries continue to be elevated, according to current salary offerings obtaining a CRM provides you with salary growth in the current job market and the demand for the credential is such that many of the ICRM’s strategic initiatives put in place in the last two years have been to ensure we can supply the demand of employers. 


For more information on the CRM or CRA designations, please contact the ICRM at (877) 244-3128. For Public Relations and Marketing contact the ICRM President-Elect at president_elect@icrm.org.