Part 7: Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (NS) Advanced Designation

The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) established a formal relationship in 1990 to develop and evaluate an advanced module to the Certified Records Manager (CRM) certification. The concept was to develop an industry specific examination module, the nuclear energy industry in this case. The ICRM evaluated the request and determined that an advanced certification was appropriate and was established around the high rigor requirements of the nuclear industry (governmental and commercial). NIRMA’s Professional Certification Committee (PCC) which is a part of the Professional Development Business Unit (PDBU) develops and maintains Part 7 of the CRM examination.

The Nuclear Specialist (NS) designation is the only advanced designation sanctioned by the ICRM.  From the early determination and the establishment of the advanced module, many CRMs have achieved the advanced designation of Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (NS) with sixteen currently active. These CRMs are entitled to use the designator CRM/NS as a professional indication of advanced certification.

NIRMA’s work includes examination question development, question management, and test scoring. The PCC oversees this task. Each member of the PCC is a CRM in good standing and has achieved the Nuclear Specialist designation. Any CRM in good standing may apply to sit for the NS examination. NIRMA reviews the candidate application to assure appropriate experience in the nuclear field has been achieved. Approved candidates are provided a study guide for the examination. The ICRM administers the examination during the CRM examination period as Part 7 of the ICRM certification process. CRM candidates who wish to apply for the NS examination must establish and maintain membership in NIRMA.

Certificates recognizing the candidate’s accomplishment are issued under the signatures of the ICRM and NIRMA presidents. For recipients who attend NIRMA’s annual conference, the certificates are professionally framed and presented during the annual business meeting. Individuals holding CRM/NS become members of NIRMA’s Professional Certification Committee. There are certification maintenance requirements for NS just as there are for CRM. Failure to maintain ICRM or NIRMA membership results in the loss of the Nuclear Specialist certification thus the designation is invalid and should no longer be utilized.

The current roster of sixteen individuals holding CRM/NS certification include: Joe Chrostowski, Carolyn Roberts, Margie Janney, Joanne Crowley, Christy Collier, Cheri Susner, Steve Adams, Anne Jhoon-Yen, Michael Fox, Bettie Moore, Caryn Gates, Susan Ziehm, Robert Blem, Andrew McGavin, Mary Binkholder and Denise Pickett.

For more information, please contact:

Anita S. Beren
Director, NIRMA Professional
Development Business Unit (PDBU)
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
41 Seyon Street, Suite 500
Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: 1-781-907-9417

Robert J. Blem, CRM/NS
Administrator, PDBU Prof. Cert. Committee
Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC
100 Westinghouse Drive
CWHQ-1 Suite 162
Phone: 1-412-374-4762