ICRM Partners

For more than 40 years, the ICRM has continued to be a leader in the Records and Information Management (RIM) certification.  The Institute recognizes the importance of partnering with organizations whose core mission is to advance the field through education, advocacy and professional development opportunities. Partners may also include academic institutions and organizations that have related or complimentary certification programs.

A strategic alliance is a collaborative relationship that leads to success for both the ICRM and another organization and aligns tightly with both institutions strategic direction.  To discuss potential partnerships with the ICRM, contact Rae Lynn Haliday, CRM, Chairman, Strategic Alliance Committee, at strategic-committee-chair@icrm.org or by phone at (314) 646-4572. 


  • Grow Membership
  • Diversify Revenue
  • Increase Relevance
  • Modernize Governance and Business Processes 

We recognize the following Partners where we have a long-standing history or are in the process of developing new initiatives that contribute to one of more of the ICRM strategic goals: 

Academic Partners Educating Records Managers 

The ICRM is proud to partner with academic institutions providing programs that support the RIM community and its advancement.   The Institute is committed to assisting graduates entering the RIM profession from accredited academic programs by providing partnership credits towards ICRM certification where academic programs align with the ICRM outline.  For graduates who are already certified, the partnership provides for pre-approval of RIM courses to help meet continuing education requirements for ICRM designations.

Professional Associations Advancing Records and Information Management (RIM) 

The ICRM has a long history of building strong partnerships with professional associations supporting the RIM profession.  Strategic alliances with associations in the RIM community ensure that practitioners are aware of and have access to resources like professional certification, to streamline that path for them through partner events and conferences, as well as provide access to ICRM exam prep sessions and pre-approvals for activities that meet ICRM continuing education requirements.

Organizations Implementing Best Practices in Records and Information Management (RIM)

The ICRM has many different partners some of which include consulting organizations that support the RIM profession.  These organizations provide sponsorships or additional partner events where ICRM exam prep sessions can be held or pre-approved continuing education credits can be earned.

Upcoming Events:

ARMA International has partnered with the ICRM for the 11th consecutive year to provide the ICRM Exam Prep sessions as part of the Designation Academy. Designation Academy will be held Saturday, October 20-21, 2018, at the Anaheim Marriot. There will be 4 registration categories for the ICRM Exam Prep sessions that allows a candidate or prospect to take a full day for Parts 1-5, 2 full days for Parts 1-6 including a sample case study, Part 6 only, and this year for the first time a half day for CRA (Parts 2-4).  Please click here for full details. The ICRM will host a booth in the ARMA Expo