Certification Maintenance Points Frequently Asked Questions

Entering Pre-Approved Activities

Why do I have to enter my E-mail Address? 
This application handles many requests from different participants. You are asked to enter your e-mail address as a form of confirmation. Once you have entered your Pre-Approved activity, a confirmation email will be sent to you to verify that you would like to enter the activity. You will click to validate the request.  It will then put the request in a holding pattern until it is approved.

I entered my Pre-Approved Activity and clicked on the link, but it isn’t showing up in the request, why? 
After you have entered a Pre-Approved activity, an e-mail will be sent to you to validate your identity.  It will contain a link for you to click on to confirm that you would like to submit this request.

How are CMP hours awarded? 
CRAs and CRMs must maintain 100 contact hours over a five-year period. A "contact" hour is defined as a clock hour of active involvement in a qualifying educational activity. One hour of credit will be awarded for each contact hour of educational activity. No credit will be awarded for any educational activity of less than 45 minutes. Lunch, coffee breaks, business meetings, vendor exhibit viewing, social activities, and award presentations do not qualify in calculating "contact" hours.

Why can’t ARMA regular chapter meetings be pre-approved? 
The ICRM doesn’t have the capacity to pre-approve 100+ monthly chapter meetings. CRAs and CRMs who attend a local meeting with qualifying content can still apply for CMP credit through the Credit Requests under View Personal Details section of the website.

Can online videos such as items posted on YouTube be pre-approved? 
In order to be approved, there must be a mechanism for providing documentation of attendance. If there is a fee, a registration process, or a certificate of completion/attendance that can be created, videos that are at least 45 minutes in length could qualify.  General online videos that do not meet these criteria do not qualify for pre-certification.

What if I’m not sure if my event qualifies for pre-approval? 
Please contact the ICRM Administrator with questions.

Can I post the pre-approval code online? 
No, the ICRM does not permit the posting of the pre-approval code. This should be given to attendees upon completion of the event along with a Certificate of Completion/ Certificate of Attendance.

What should the Certificate of Completion/Attendance look like? 
While the ICRM does not have a required format, click here for a sample certificate.

I’m a CRA or CRM who will be giving a presentation in the future. Can I pre-apply for my CMP credits? 
No. Once you have given the presentation, please apply for credit in the Credit Request section under View Personal Details section of the website.