Certification Maintenance


The Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) believes it is vital that a Certified Records Analysts (CRA) and Certified Records Managers (CRM) remains current in the dynamic field of records and information management. This is handled through Certification Maintenance Points (CMP). This ensures that members:

  • Maintain professional competence
  • Update existing knowledge and skills
  • Attain new or additional knowledge and skills


  • Active CRAs and CRMs must earn and submit 100 points for approved educational activity during each five-year period following initial certification
  • The five-year certification maintenance cycle begins on January 1 or July 1, whichever immediately follows the (passed)  examination date
  • Points may be submitted beginning with the date of the final passed Part VI exam attaining the CRA (Part 2, 3, or 4) or Part 6 for the CRM
  • Carry-Over Points
    • Points earned during the last year of the five-year cycle that exceed the required 100 points necessary to maintain certification, can be carried over into the next five-year cycle (up to a maximum of 50 points)
    • Carry over points must be entered / postmarked within six months of the activity date AND entered / postmarked before the end of the certification maintenance cycle

*** Effective July 2, 2019 the ICRM will discontinue the practice of allowing automatic roll-over of up to 50 eligible CMPs in excess of 100 CMPs required into the next 5-year cycle.

Certification Maintenance Points

  • Points are awarded for each half hour of active involvement in a qualifying educational activity
  • Requests for points must be submitted within 6 months of the activity date
  • Qualifying educational activities are grouped into 4 categories (A. Attend, B. Present, C. Publish, or D. Other)
  • No more than 30 points will be granted for any single activity within a category.  A single activity is defined as one event, such as one course, one seminar, one conference, etc.
  • Sample Point Amounts
    • A professional association monthly meeting with 1 hour of educational material = 1 point
    • A 2-day seminar with 6 hours of qualifying education each day = 12 points
    • One 3-credit university course = 30 points
  • Point Exclusions
    • No points will be awarded for any educational activity lasting less than 30 minutes
    • Lunch, coffee breaks, business meetings, vendor exhibit viewing, social activities, and award presentations do not qualify for points
    • Except in the last year of your cycle, CMPs in excess of the required 100 points are generally declined
    • “Fully retired” CRAs and CRMs do not need to maintain certification and are not eligible to apply for CMPs. For more information about retired status, click here

Categories of CMP Activities and Acceptable Documentation

CRAs and CRMs should update their knowledge and skills in any of the areas covered by the CRM examination. Activities that qualify for Certification Maintenance Points (CMP) must be related to the CRM exam outline  and may fall within the following categories:

  1. Attend: Attend a meeting, seminar, webinar, conference, employer-sponsored activity, college/university/correspondence course or certificate program. Educational content of the course or program must relate to the exam outline.
    • Supporting documentation for activities lasting longer than two hours:  Program description, schedule and proof of attendance in the form of a canceled check, registration receipt, or completion certificate.
    • Supporting documentation for college/university/correspondence courses: Copy of transcript and course outline or description with schedule. Evidence of satisfactory completion may be a certificate, grade report, transcript or other documentation from the sponsor. Transcripts will not be retained by the ICRM once points have been awarded.
      • Meetings, seminars, conferences, and/or employee sponsored events are awarded ½ point per ½ hour of qualifying educational content
      • A qualifying undergraduate or graduate college course work is awarded at 10x the credit hours up to the maximum of 30 CMPs.  A 3 credit course would equate to 30 points
      • Course work on business tools (e.g., software training) does qualify for points
      • Routine sales presentations and product demonstrations do not qualify for points
      • Training on company operations or personnel policies do not qualify for points
      • Sessions on professional society/association business, operations, association strategy, board participation, etc. do not qualify for points.
  2. Present: Teach/ Lecture/ Present/ Panel Participation: “Live audience” instruction, and/or presentations, webinar/webcast presenter. Also includes in-house records and information management training and/or management presentations. Points for the session will be awarded on a one point-for-one hour basis for the initial and any subsequent presentations.
    • Single Presenter
      • Points for the session will be awarded on a one point-for-one hour basis for the initial and any subsequent presentations
      • The first time a presentation is given, credit for preparation of the material will be awarded at three times the duration of the presentation
      Example: a NEW one-hour presentation would be awarded as follows: presentation 1 point + preparation 3 points = 4 points.
    Subsequent presentations of the same material will not be awarded preparation points
    • Joint / Panel Presentations
      • Points for the session will be awarded on a one point-for-one hour basis for the initial and any subsequent presentations
      • The first time a panel/joint presentation is given, preparation credit will be awarded at two times the duration of the presentation
      Example: a NEW one-hour joint / panel presentation would be awarded as follows: presentation 1 point + preparation 2 points = 3 points 
    • Supporting documentation for requests that are greater than two CMPs: Copy of announcement, presentation outline or course catalog entry.  Length of presentation is also required. If you are the instructor of an event (whether pre-approved for CMPs or not) you may also submit a completed CMP Verification Form. If you are unable to obtain a signature from your organization (i.e. Independent Consultant, President or CEO who doesn’t report to anyone above them), the signature of an attendee or representative of the hosting organization will suffice. If a verifying signature is not possible, please contact the ICRM to discuss options for verifying the request.
  3. Publish: Articles, Monographs, Whitepapers and Books:  Published articles may appear in a formal publication of regional or national distribution, or published in an electronic format on the internet or company intranet. Content must be related to the exam outline. Reprints of published materials do not qualify for points.
    • Single Author
      • Points for this activity will be one point per 450 words.  Generally this equates to about one page of text, or, in the event of a small font, multi-column typeset page, about 1/3 of a page. Partial pages will be calculated accordingly. Photographs and accompanying graphics do not qualify for points
      Example:  A 3-column page containing a one-column advertisement, or a 1/3 page photograph or other graphic related to the article that contains 900 words receives 2 points.
    • Joint Authors
      • Points for this activity will be ½ point per 450 words. Generally this equates to about one page of text, or, in the event of a small font, multi-column typeset page, about 1/3 of a page. Partial pages will be calculated accordingly. Photographs and accompanying graphics do not qualify for points
      Example:  A multi-authored whitepaper published by a vendor that is 10 pages long (about 4,500 words), would be eligible for 5 points. 
    • Supporting documentation:  Copy of article, website URL, or, for a book, a copy of the title page and table of contents. Alternate verification is also permitted if the article or site cannot be accessed by the ICRM, or if the CRM’s name is not indicated as author. A CMP Verification Form including verifying signature of the respective supervisor, client or sponsor will be accepted. An example can be found here.
  4. Other: Work-Related Activities or Other RIM-Related ActivitiesOther activities, including on-the-job and other miscellaneous activities, may qualify for points if the activity results in (1) a work product or (2) the development of knowledge for the individual or the Records and Information Management (RIM) field. To gain points for these activities, a CRM must be able to identify what RIM-related knowledge was gained and where the activity falls in the CRM exam outline. Certain activities, identified below, require a signed CMP Verification Form This form can be scanned and uploaded with the request. An example of a completed form can be found here. All qualifying activities in Category D will be judged on a case-by-case basis. This category includes activities such as:
    • RIM program development, including records retention schedule creation,  procedures, training, creation of file plans, disaster recovery plans, systems developed or implemented, etc. It can also include program assessments, audits, and continuous improvement initiatives. Supporting documentation:  Requires a signed CMP Verification Form plus a description of activity
    • Records management software programs written or developed. Supporting documentation: Requires a signed CMP Verification Form plus a description of activity
    • Other Educational Content Development: Participation in the content development of “workshop” programs, videos/DVDs/Blu-Ray discs, , curriculum development program, ICRM exam development, research studies, standards development, etc., (Administrative and logistical planning or operational activities such as program planning, selecting speakers, etc. do not qualify). Supporting documentation:  Requires a signed CMP Verification Form plus a description of activity
    • ICRM Exam Grading. Points are awarded at 3 points per exam graded if the member (1) meets grading deadlines and (2) provides quality mentoring-style critiques for candidates, as judged by the Regent for Examination Administration and Grading
    • ICRM Mentoring: Points are awarded at 3 points per mentee per exam cycle if the CRM mentor (1) grades at least one 50 point practice exam written by the mentee; (2) provides a quality mentoring-style critique to the mentee and; (3) mentoring effort is confirmed by the Mentor Coordinator
    • Reviews of professional books. Book reviews of professional books that have a minimum of 100 pages, with any publication date, are acceptable. Professional books are eligible if the subject matter is covered by the exam outline. If necessary, contact the ICRM to clarify the appropriateness of the proposed material. Supporting documentation: A review of the book which includes:
      • a copy of the title page and table of contents;
      • a complete and accurate bibliographic citation;
      • an introduction to the topic covered by the book, including mention of other pertinent work;
      • a summary of the text; and
      • an evaluation of the text
      • The review should be 2-4 pages – typewritten or computer-produced. The components of each review need not be in the above order, nor strictly separated. Stylistic creativity is encouraged, literary competence is required. Points: Five points will be awarded for each acceptable review
      • Other Activities. Other records and information management activities may be appropriate for Certification Maintenance Points. Contact the ICRM if unsure if an activity is appropriate
      When applying for Category D work-related points, the preferred documentation is a description or outline of the activity plus the completed CMP Verification Form

      While samples of non-proprietary documents related to a Category D request may be attached, the ICRM does not encourage attaching confidential, proprietary, or potential intellectual property to the request. If verifying signature is not possible, please contact the ICRM to discuss options for verifying the request.

    Tips To Reach 100 Certification Maintenance Points

    1. Combine a range of activities over the 5 year period
      • Attend fifteen one-hour webinars = 15 points
      • Attend twelve one-hour professional association monthly meetings = 12 points
      • Prepare and make two 60 minute presentations at a local professional association = 8 points
      • Attend three multi-day conferences worth 15 points each = 45 points
      • Spend 20 hours developing key documentation or policies for your job (Category D Work Related Activity) = 20 points
      Total for the 5 years = 100 points.
    2. Claim all 100 points one category over the 5 year period
      • Four 25-hour Category 10 Work Related Requests = 100 points
      • Attend 20 one-hour webinars each year for 5 years: 20 x 1 x 5 = 100 points

Procedures for Requesting CMPs

Requests for Certification Maintenance Points should be made online and the required documentation uploaded. 

Instructions for Entering CMP Requests:

1. Log onto https://www.icrm.org/ with your username and password
2. To Submit your CMP Requests, click here

Please note: If the activity is longer than two hours, supporting documentation is required. Click on “Attach Documentation” to upload the attendance certificate or other supporting documentation

Instructions for Applying for CMPs via the Mail.
If you are unable to apply for CMPs online, please contact the Administrative office for instructions.  The ICRM reserves the right to request additional documentation about your CMP requests.


Members will be advised of denied points in the form of a transcript sent by email, except in the case where request was denied due to lack of documentation, in which case an email notice is sent. Appeals must be received within 30 days of notice of denial and should be made in writing to the Regent, Legislation & Appeals. If the denied request(s) impacts the fulfillment of the 100 required points in the 5-year maintenance cycle, the Member shall not be dropped from the rolls until such time as the appeal has been reviewed and decided upon by the Regent, Legislation & Appeals. 

Contact Us

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