Member Web Site Guide

The ICRM Member Web Site is intended to be intuitive and easy to use.  Most available features can be discovered and used by simply exploring the site.  Below, we've listed a few specific things a member might wish to do and how to achieve them on the web site.  If something important is missing from this list, please let us know by sending an email to

Editing your User Account and Contact Profile

Your user account and contact profile information can be accessed at any time by clicking the "My Account" link in the upper right corner of the web site (after you have logged in).

To edit your contact information, simply click the "Edit" tab when viewing your profile and then click the "Name and Primary Contact Details" link.  In the form that is shown, you can modify your contact information. 

Additionally, there is a "Secondary Contact Details" link which allows you provide back-up contact information for situations in which your primary contact is not working for some reason.  This may be a personal email to use in case your work email is not functioning properly, or vice versa depending on your preferences.

Editing your Grading Volunteer Status

Active CRM Members are encouraged to participate in the grading of written exams and volunteers are always needed.  To indicate your willingness to participate as a grading volunteer, visit your account management page by clicking the "My Account" link in the upper right corner of the web site (after you have logged in), and click the "Edit" tab.  Then click the "Volunteer Grader Info" link.  The form that is shown will allow you indicate your willingness to volunteer, as well as how many exams you offer to participate in per grading cycle.  This information can be adjusted at any time to fit your changing availability.

Paying for Membership and Viewing Membership/Certification Status

Paying membership fees and viewing membership status can be performed via the "Member Overview" page.  This is accessible from the main navigation menu at the top of the page under "Membership"->"Member Content"

On the Member Overview, the following sections appear:

  • Your memberships - This area shows both your ICRM membership status as well as your ICRM Certification status.  These are shown for information purposes to remind you of your recertification cycle and membership standing.  Note that FED  & NS designations are not yet visible, but are visible in the Public Member Directory under your name.
  • Your transactions - This area will show payments that are pending or which have been made.  If you have a pending payment, you can choose to pay it online by clicking the "Pay now" button, or you can print an invoice by clicking the "Print invoice" button.

Submitting CMP Requests

You can submit new CMP requests by clicking the "Submit CMPs" menu item under the "Certification" menu header on the main site or by clicking here.