Application Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whom should I contact with questions about completing the initial examination application and/or the documentation required?

A: Review the ICRM website at and the ICRM Applying for the Examination page at If you still have questions, contact the ICRM Administrator at

The Administrator can assist you in completing your application online as needed.

Q: What are the requirements to apply for Candidacy?

A: In short, a minimum of one year of professional RIM work experience is required, regardless of the level of education you possess.  The following list provides the mix of experience required:

  • Bachelor degree (Graduate degree implies completion of Bachelor degree) PLUS one year professional level RIM experience  OR
  • 3 years college PLUS two years professional level RIM experience  OR
  • 2 years college PLUS three years professional level RIM experience  OR
  • 1 year college PLUS four years professional level RIM experience OR
  • High School Diploma or GED PLUS five years professional level RIM experience

Q: What educational documentation is required with my application?

A: Academic degrees may be documented by either official transcripts or with a picture or photocopy of the diploma. Partial education (credit hours short of a degree) must be documented by official transcripts.

Q: What professional work experience documentation is required with my application?

A: The ICRM requires external, written verification signed by the employer of claimed experience containing sufficient detail to determine if the work meets the standards described above. Verification must include dates the applicant held the job responsibilities described. “Employer” can include a supervisor, manager, company owner or director, or someone from the Human Resources office.

Q: Are there different requirements for either a Certified Records Analyst (CRA) or a Certified Records Manager (CRM) Applicant?

A: No, the requirements to apply for the CRA and CRM are the same.

Q: What is the benefit of becoming a CRA first and not simply striving to attain the CRM only?

A: The CRA only requires that a Candidate passes Parts 2-4 of the examinations within the five year candidate cycle, where the CRM requires that a Candidate passes Parts 1-5 first, then passes Part 6 (case studies) within the five year candidate cycle to attain certification. However, once a Candidate attains the CRA and becomes a member of the Institute, the CRA will have an unlimited timeframe (at your own pace) to pursue passing Parts 1, 5, and ultimately 6 to attain the CRM. This is due to the fact that the CRA is actively pursuing Certification Maintenance Points; furthering their individual development.

Q: Can an individual hold both the CRA and CRM Certifications?

A: No, once the CRM is attained, it holds precedence over the CRA. Thus, if a CRA continues to pursue the remaining exams for CRM and passes Parts 1, 5, and 6, the CRA then becomes a CRM and is no longer to use the CRA certification.

Q: After submitting my application and paying the application fee, when should I expect to hear from the ICRM regarding acceptance of my application?

A: Your application is forwarded to the ICRM for review and evaluation once the required documentation is included with your application and the application fee is paid. Based on the current application process and completeness of your submission, applicants typically learn the results of their review in less than two weeks.

Q: If, after a reasonable amount of time, who should I contact if I have not received acknowledgement that my initial application and payment was received by the ICRM?

A: Contact the ICRM Administrator at

Q: As a Candidate, who do I contact with a change of address or contact information?

A: Contact the ICRM Administrator at:
Phone: 1-877-244-3128 (USA and Canada) Staffed between 9AM – 4:30PM Eastern Time
Alternate number: 518-694-5362
Fax: 518-463-8656 


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