AIEF Call for Trustees

The Foundation has a vacancy on its Board of Trustees (Board). Trustees direct and inspire the programs and operation of the Foundation. The position of Trustee is...

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ARMA EIF Graduate Scholarships

The ARMA International Educational Foundation (the Foundation) is excited to announce the availability of a funding opportunity for aspiring information management professionals...

Ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 USD

AIEF Call for Committee Members

The Foundation has vacancies on its operating committees. The committees implement the strategic goals and action plans set by the Board of Trustees.

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Alan Andolsen "Mentor of the Year" Award

The ICRM announces Juanita Skillman, FAI, CRM-Retired, as the Recipient of the 2018 Alan Andolsen Award 

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ARMA 2018 Annual Report

The ARMA Educational Foundation recently published the 2018 Annual Report

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Fed Specialist

In collaboration with NARA, ICRM has created a new specialty designation, CRM-FED, focused on federal government recordkeeping.

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CRM-Federal Specialist

ICRM's Newest Post Certification

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ICRM-AIIM Partnership

This partnership will serve the RIM community by creating new paths to ICRM certification while maintaining current standards and ensuring that the ICRM exam, in particular Part 5, encompasses current technologies and RIM best practices.

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NIRMA - ICRM Press Release

The ICRM and NIRMA announce the transformation of application and testing processes for Certified Records Managers to earn the Nuclear Information and Records Specialist (CRM/NS) specialty designation.

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SJSU Press Release

(Released: 2017/06/01)

"ICRM is proud to partner with the San José University iSchool to allow graduates of its MARA program a more immediate path to ICRM certification and related benefits..."

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